Which Mystic to R5 first (Four star)

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I have a 297k rated account, and I'm wondering who should be my first R5 mystic (or R3 five star mystic). I already have 3 R5 four stars (Blade, Sparky and Hype) and 1 R3 5 star (Spiderman classic; I regret this very much and would take him down when I get a Rank down gem straight away). I am uncollected too. I have 3 mystic T4s and 4 basic T4s, but I am going to do AQ to get more basics. (I also have 3 tech T4s and 3 mutant T4s and Iceman, OGDP, Starlord at R4, but OGDP is unawakened.)

Should I R5
GR: currently at R1 since I recently pulled him but I have a mystic gem to use on him (also have the other 2 in the holy trinity at R5, high sig)
Mephisto: Currently at R4, sig 79
Dormammu five star: Currently at R2, unawakened
DV: Currently at R4, sig 20
SW: Currently at R4, sig 30

Any tips on who to R5?


  • Sorry, I read this and it sounds dumb at the first 2 lines.

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    If you have blade and spark already I feel like Ghosty might be a good option, the leaderboards are filled to the brim with this combo so it cant be too bad at all.

    I took the Witch to R5 a while back and don't regret it at all but I don't have the trinity to work with.
  • MaidrilMaidril Posts: 289

    Unless you can put some of the good stuff into SW, get her closer to 99.
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