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New nodes have made the one game mode I still enjoyed unenjoyable.

TreininTreinin Posts: 206 ★★★
Apologies if this is TLDR for people, but I need to vent a bit.

I have been playing this game for ~ 10 months. At first, I enjoyed every aspect of it (even arena grinding).

One by one, my enjoyment of the game modes has diminished.

I finished story mode, which was a lot of fun, but there hasn't been new content there in 7 months.

Originally, the event quests were a nice challenge, but they have become fairly routine to me now and only uncollected has any enjoyment and it lasts me 1 or 2 days (maybe using 1 revive a month for the entire thing).

The 'challenges' that come along take some time, but most of that is auto-fighting through trash fights (can we please adjust so you can just go the highest difficulty and get the majority of rewards from that? There is 0 fun in fighting 200 PI champions with an account that is more than 1 day old).

Boss rushes are fun, but are a 30 minute affair.

AQ is tedious with the ridiculous timers and routine / simple fights over and over again. It really needs a true refresh and a rethink with respect to artificially making the mode take painful amounts of coordination.

This left Alliance War. The one mode I truly looked forward to. Honestly, on Tuesdays I would get a bit bummed because we couldn't search a new war right when the old one finished. I loved the challenge of these fights, and working with my alliance to get through the map.

Unfortunately - with these new mini-boss nodes (which feel harder than the actual boss in a lot of cases), this mode has also lost its appeal. While I enjoy a challenge, some of the combinations are just ridiculous. My alliance does not have developed enough rosters to have the perfect counter to all of the new "Fun and interactive" defenders that have been added to the game. Putting them on these insanely powerful nodes means someone in my alliance gets stuck every time. Even if I can get through my fight (assuming the linked nodes come down), I don't enjoy seeing my alliance mates feel like they are letting people down because they can't get through these fights.

At least having mini bosses at the end meant people could collapse a bit to help each other out, and nobody had to feel solely responsible. Putting the new ones in the early stages of the map just makes people feel like **** when they get stuck 4 fights into their path.

This game holds no appeal any more. I will keep playing because I have invested a lot of time, and some money in it, but if this doesn't get changed after Season 3, I don't know how long I can hang on to this.

Just my thoughts - sorry it was TLDR.


  • GabbrosGabbros Posts: 157
    More skill or go to lower tier.
  • CobsCobs Posts: 103
    I agree OP, jamming up a bg so early on makes no sense and takes the fun out of the game. Ive seen some of thr best players in the game getting wrecked on these new nodes because of thr new ridiculous node combinations they need a very specific champ but you still need to plan for the rest of your lane. I havent seen this many people leaving the game since 12.0
  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 2,605 ★★★★★
    I completely agree with @Treinin having the minis that early is pretty stupid. My alliance used to clear 100% about 99% of the time and sometimes hold the opponents to 97% 98% but now it’s like 80% and the opponent to 80% or less also.

    I haven’t had issues clearing my minis without losing champs but not everyone has a 5/65 blade 4/55 voodoo and 3/45 ghost rider to rely on.

    My group does well, but it’s a fine line between asking someone to drop units to not feel like **** because they stalled the whole side because they couldn’t clear. This new mode is pretty money grabbing. They KNoW people will spend to clear even if its units paid with money or units you heavily grinded for to use on champion crystals or clearing content they haven’t cleared yet. #boycottKabam
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