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Who to use the LoL generic awakening gem on

FineFine Posts: 78
About to wrap up LoL and tryna decide who to use the gem on. I have 2 skill awakening gems so will likely use one on GP or Thor Rags and save the other for Killmonger or maybe Masacre.

Who to use the LoL generic awakening gem on 45 votes

Purveyor1haunted_memoryZzzKayne34AhitlawDuke_SilverSaif_AionFight_meIngi_Freyr1975JC_loganbubCh1efsteriottoknowspaceoctopusiRetr0GSTAR21NewYorkSmittyAnthinhoRobbo29192 19 votes
rahul3038ZENCapWW2buffajrAtul_aryanBumbunyonTheSpicyKnight 7 votes
BapoiLOGAN580 2 votes
Luke Cage
Voltolos 1 vote
Headroller 1 vote
Sit on it and wait
Spity68heruheru511RotellyLittleSisterRasiloverBahamutEvangelionlovrjlamadisonMaldroit2Noob2435CainJustcause102ŁŤÇRockypantherxCrooked_Sprook1 15 votes


  • FineFine Posts: 78
    Current roster
  • FineFine Posts: 78
  • Ch1efsterCh1efster Posts: 466 ★★★
    Out of ones you listed, I would probably say Domino or LC, but those may be only class gem worthy and not generic. There are others that benefit more, like Medusa or Void.
  • I would say domino or save.

    Dormammu could be a moot point depending on how they change md/dex
    Hyperion doesn't change his use, just enhances buffs.
    Hood I don't think I would use a class awakening on. Good, but not great.
    Luke Cage good after rework, but I would only use a class awakening on him.
  • Esketit420Esketit420 Posts: 57
    Jeez man that’s what you call dedication right there. I would personally choose domino because if she’s duped she’s god on AW defense.
  • iRetr0iRetr0 Posts: 1,240 ★★★★
    What a roster, IMO go for Domino
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