Which champ is better?

TonyStarkTonyStark Posts: 348
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Which champ is better? 27 votes

Storm (4 *, 40/40, Duped lvl 20)
Alfa_PigeonOneManArmyWrongSynthetikSoulChillOooDmack976637 7 votes
Ghost Rider (4*, Unduped)
GroundedWisdomMcord11758danielmathSnakeEyes69GunzoNoob_2yrsCuteshelfShynight00xxVINMANxxDarkKyrkantI_ForgotHell_Goliath7abo2aTonyStarkSpeedbumpSpiritLucashood123456Kiwi_BreigePeterStreit 20 votes


  • DarkDark Posts: 60
    Ghost Rider (4*, Unduped)
    Ghost Rider is amazing. he can't hit hard like Storm but can finish any fight with full health if you know how to use him
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