I’m curious if we will get some compensation for the 19.0 debacle? The game was literally unplayable for a large portion of th eater base and it will be impossible to finish eq without energy refills. I’d be up to playing EQ, but only if I’m getting some free energy refills since I would have completed all of the EQ if it wasn’t for the 19.0 update being unplayable. @Kabam Miike we need this decision to be quick so we can finish EQ.


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    Can we not have ten of these posts every day? The search bar is your friend, use it
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    im usually against the whining but blowing up peoples phones is insane. this compensation better be the best they've given. Actual hard
    ware damage and the downtime is ridiculous. Kabam needs to pony up here imo.
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    One of the moderators did say that they need to make sure the problem is fixed and then they will assess the damages and impact the game caused.

    The damages vary based on how much each player actually plays. I missed out on a TON of arena awards because I usually try to hit the rank rewards plus some, but wasn’t able to because I was beyond frustrated at the game. Story mode was also non existent for me and I wasn’t able to do much of the special event quests. Like I said, someone who is already a casual player will probably not missed out on much. I am a little more serious and usually knock the special events out within 7 days, then after I spend some time working on chapter 5.

    I’ve spent like 10 energy refills over the weekend trying to finish the special quests so I don’t miss out on any rewards.
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    There better be a big compensaition, i had to quit playing the game for 2 and a half weeks.
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    everyone and their mother was affected by this. not just iphone users. my alliance struggled to get get 100% anything this month. We lost countless players to it as well.
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    As pointed out by by @DrZola previously, the concept of compensation is quite insufficient.

    This is about restitution for the time people have been unable to play. The alliances which suffered because a significant number of people could not play (and still can not). The players that had to make up the work load for those that could not reliably play. The damages which were being done to people's devices without their knowledge since many times a case would mask the problem before they knew damage was done.

    This is well beyond any "The contest has not been performing" compensation.
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    Markg25 wrote: »
    Outdated rewards from the 12.0 patch (that patch wasn’t half as bad as this 😡 )

    I’m expecting something much bigger ....

    5* generic plus the bits we all missed out on / waster ????

    4*s are dead for most people 👎🏼 💀


    I must say even if they don't give a 5* ag they must at least give 4* ag because many people claim that 12.0 was worse than this
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    @mostlyharmlessn the game team has spoken...they plan on having “conversations” about all of this. If I understand correctly, temporary relief—a few items thrown our way this month to help get the monthly done—won’t be forthcoming soon if at all. Any relief will need to wait until all the problems are resolved and a full accounting has been done.

    The below thread goes into more detail about their approach, even though my original post dealt with the fact that the optics of the recent energy card offer were bad (the economics, ironically, weren’t all that bad if you still spend on this game).

    Dr. Zola
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    Don’t get your hopes up, I’m expecting very underwhelming rewards, if any. Not that some great ones aren’t deserved
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    This update broke even more my game then it was.
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    With relation to compensation around recent performance issues, we need to make sure the issue is resolved before being able to assess the impact and determine what would be an appropriate course of action. Once we have more info to share about the topic we will do so.
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