Best Undupped Skill Champ to R5

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My Roster
I already have
4 star undupped Crossbone at R5
4 star Thor Dupped R5
4 Star Iceman dupped R5
4 Star Hulk Dupped R5
4 Star Archangle dupped R4
4 Star Dr. Voodoo Dupped R4
4 Star Void dupped R4
4 Star X23 Dupped R4
5 Star Luke Cage undupped R3

Please suggest if I should upgrade my other 4 star skill champion to max or wait for 5 star skill
I have 5 Star Karnak and Daredevil Netflix but I am sure they are not worth upgrading more.

Best Undupped Skill Champ to R5 32 votes

Undupped 4 Star Blade
AakashPrimmer79IcehawklbStark78AlfaSuperSam57M1k0rinYouconfusedian5555Ingi_Freyr1975JC_DarthVadimiusshadow_lurker22PedritkoTheSquish671RockypantherxIron_spider1lewiscallanBKEsouthpaw 18 votes
Undupped 4 star Killmonger
SpeedbumpMaximus0215MelkerlanneroSassyMastyQuatre_1988AnthinhoPokeyJewelLightingrod7xMasterWilliam1DomoSlomo 10 votes
Wait for good 5 Star Skill Champion
Juan3sPeterQuillcrystaldsmithTheSpicyKnight 4 votes


  • SassyMastySassyMasty Posts: 305
    Undupped 4 star Killmonger
    Lots of people seem to like blade and he's alright. I would say killmonger because the utility from his l2 and his bleed make him seem like a champ better suited for tougher fights, which is rare. Plus, if you were to go with blade, he'd need to be awakened to get the healing.
  • crystaldsmithcrystaldsmith Posts: 474 ★★
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    Wait for good 5 Star Skill Champion
    He's less useful without his regeneration abilities. If you have synergies already with him, like Ghost Rider and Starky, then he's definitely worth it. Danger sense is awesome, but the Unholy Trinity is what makes him so valuable.

    If you have those Champs to run synergies with him he's definitely worth it as he is. Especially if you can awakened him and dump some stones. If you don't have the Champs to run his synergies with him consider waiting.
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