Specials not launching consistently

Today in AQ happened several times would press my special and nothing happened. Seems a few others i have talked to are having similar issues. For me seems to happen only in AQ


  • I thought i was the only 1.....Debuff immune lane...Rogue was used
  • dparmdparm Posts: 110
    mike867 wrote: »
    And many specials in AQ/Arena/EQ aren't even being chained. I never faced problems with Pun2099's SP1 being block after 5 hit combo, Hulk? Sometimes, but never Pun2099. This game is just going down hill....

    Already an open thread for this -- please post in it with your info so Kabam can look into it.

  • I'm still getting the occasional special to fire with no special actually performed, but it makes the sound effects for it and I lose the energy.
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,122
    It's been going on off and on for quite awhile now and seems to rear it's ugly head a lot more recently.

    Honestly it's getting kinda ridiculous now, this game has so many issues and some of them have been going on for months if not years and they sort of just ignore them or just don't know how to fix them and this is one of them and execerbated by many other combat issues which make it even more noticable.

    They should really take this game down and fix all the bugs and issues this game has before it gets even worse than the aftermath of 12.0 and the debacle known as 19.0 and before the game tears itself apart even more.
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