Can we get a list of approved Content Creators?

It'd be nice to know who to watch on Youtubes.


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  • Shhh it's not a joke.
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    Ok fine. Kabam, the list pls
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    I agree a list of content creators be good so then I can see which each creator says about the champ there testing out for limited time
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    im on youtube :p

    but yea the truth will get out in no time..
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    Hahaha slick
  • We don't have a list of creators, but content creators that are part of the program are required to very clearly state that relationship on videos that they make with content we give them temporary access to - both in the caption and in the video itself. We'll look at getting a list in the future, but don't have plans to provide one in the short term given today's announcement.

    It's also worth reminding everyone that calling out other players is against our forum rules. Witch hunts don't benefit anyone, please keep that in mind.
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