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[iOS] 19.1 Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



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    Capt_MegasauceCapt_Megasauce Posts: 139
    In-Game Name: Capt. Megasauce
    Device and Model: iPhone X
    Device Operating System: iOS 11.4.1
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi (if it helps data collection, I’m on ATT)
    Game Version Installed: version 19.1.0 (most recent)
    Game Mode: Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, and Alliance War.
    Description of the Issue: Command inputs not responding. Champs freeze. Input having undesirable responses like dashing toward AI when blocking or executing medium or heavies when inputting swipe backs or other executions. Overheating and crashing while in combat. This all happens often and in every game mode. It’s been like this since the release of 19.0 and has continually become worse.
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    Shivamsaw0049Shivamsaw0049 Posts: 2
    IGN- Dr JudgeFudge
    Device- iphone SE
    Os- ios 11.4.1
    Game- 19.1
    Cell or wifi- both
    Game mode- Arena( fight get lagged too much)
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    Kognac14Kognac14 Posts: 3
    IGN: Kognac14
    Device: iPhone 6s
    OS: iOS 11.4.1
    Cell or WiFi : Wifi
    Game Version : 19.1
    Game mode : only arena so far
    Issues: after a SP3, i was locked after the special animation and could not move or block for a couple seconds. also experiencing lag, frame rate is slow
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    SorostSorost Posts: 9
    IGN: 己〇尺〇己丁
    Device: iphone X
    IOS: 12
    Cell or Wifi: Both
    Game version 19.1.0
    Modes: All of them
    Issue: Overheating a lot , burns my hands and drains my battery
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    UltraVioletUltraViolet Posts: 26
    IGN: timetravelagent
    Device: iPhone 6s, IPad Air, IPhone X
    OS: iOS 11.4.1
    Cell or Wifi: Both
    Game version: 19.1
    Game mode: arena & questing (have not yet tested AW/AQ)
    Issues: severe overheating, lag and errors during gameplay and battery drains rapidly.
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    Mostu100Mostu100 Posts: 79
    IGN: Mostu100
    Device: iPhone 6S+
    OS: iOS11.4.1
    Cell or WiFi: Both
    Game version: 19.1.0
    Game modes: all modes
    Issues: Overheating causing lag during gameplay. Sometimes connectivity problem during playing showing problems connecting message.
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    KostelinhoKostelinho Posts: 5
    IGN: Kostelinho
    Devize: iPhone X
    OS: 11.4.1
    Cell/wifi: Both
    Game version: 19.1.0
    Game mode: Arena has lag, frame rate slow, and Overheating as usual (fix this already, a month passed) I open the Game and the phone is heating right Away.
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    R82R82 Posts: 1
    IGN: Ross82
    Device: iPhone 6s
    OS: iOS 11.4.1
    Cell or Wifi: Both (carrier = O2)
    Game version: 19.1.0
    Game mode: Quests, AQ and AW
    Issues: Phone heating up, battery draining very quickly and eventual lag during fights (not quite as bad as 19.0, but still enough to be a problem).
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    IGN: DukeAero99
    Device: iPhone X
    Operating system: iOS 11.4.1
    Game version: 19.1
    Both: Carrier: EE
    Game mode: I would think it would affect all mode as I haven’t experience any in AW yet but everything else. Most champs I used are affected by really bad lag frame rate in game. Overheating too, it get so hot within 5 minutes and that the cause of frame rate to drop down a lot.

    When I closed it and while it still hot, it actually affect the whole phone, any apps, text, FaceTime, all slow down really bad too. It stopped if I locked the phone and leave it for 10 minutes which everything go back to normal. Hopefully your priority fix would be heating because it is dangerous and anything can happen.
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    shamzeroshamzero Posts: 5
    edited July 2018
    IGN: Shamashu
    iPhone X SpaceGray 256GB brand new
    iOS 11.3
    Game version 19.1
    Issues: there are times that mild overheating is still experienced but not always compared to version 19.0 which is super duper hot like a flat iron (not iron fist) or like it got incenerated by mephisto. I once Experienced very slow framerate like lagging or slow motion (like using an android phone, very laggy experience) when I opened the game and played arena yesterday July 30, 2018 between 8 to 10 am Manila time.
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    ProducteProducte Posts: 74
    In-Game Name: Producte
    Device and Model: iPhone 7 Plus
    Device Operating System: 11.4.1
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 19.1.0
    Game Mode: Arena.
    Description of the Issue: Overheating (I can barely hold the phone). Overheating was not solved completely with 19.0.1 but now it starts quicker than with 19.0. In arena there's lag and frame drop after a few fights.
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    SloopJohnBSloopJohnB Posts: 7
    edited July 2018
    IGN-Sloop John B
    Device-iPhone 8
    Game Version-19.1.0
    Cell Connection-Wi-Fi and Cellular
    Game Mode-All modes
    Issues-My phone became hot after the first 3 rounds of arena and completely quit at round 13.

    The lag was severe after the first round. Questing has severe lag especially in more difficult content Act 5.4 and Uncollected Monthly quests.
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    theostheos Posts: 3
    iphone 7
    game version 19.1
    lags during fight. champs recovering after a medium ending combo in slow motion
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    Boff_garrBoff_garr Posts: 2
    In-Game Name: Boff_garr
    Device and Model: iPhone X
    Device Operating System: 11.4.1
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi and cellular
    Game Version Installed: 19.1
    Game Mode: All modes
    Description of the Issue: Phone gets very hot after a few minutes.
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    RoninBRRoninBR Posts: 31
    In-Game Name: wsoubar
    Device and Model: iPhone 7
    Device Operating System: iOS 12 beta 3
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 19.1
    Game Mode: Arena (I only played arena)
    Description of the Issue: overheating, huge lagging and frame rate issue
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    Kwix69Kwix69 Posts: 1
    IGN: Kwix69
    Device: iPhone 6
    OS: iOS 11.4.1
    Cell or WiFi : Wifi and Cellular
    Game Version : 19.1
    Game mode : just browsing through menus
    Issues: iPhone overheats just moving through menus and chat. Overheats even more when doing any fight. Game gets less responsive as heat goes up. Minor lag when it goes up by a few degrees to constant lag (every 5 seconds) when it gets hot enough to feel uncomfortable in my hands.
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    IGN: Imran007SE
    Device: Iphone7+ 128 GB
    OS: ios11.4.1
    Wifi use max
    Game Mode:19.1
    DoI: Parry is not working like as previous, duration of parry has been changed. Lag, while light or medium hits champs doesn’t touch opponent sometimes.
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    Blackout39Blackout39 Posts: 1
    IGN: Blackout3939
    Phone: iPhone X
    iOs: 11.4.1
    Game Version: 19.1
    Cellular and wifi
    Aw, aq sometimes, questing most of the time, arena sometimes
    1. Champ gets stuck when defenders set up for heavy attack. I slide back to dodge and my champ just stays put allowing defender to make contact.
    2. Overheating, better as of late though.
    3. Defenders health does not deplete as fast as attacker’s does, when attacker’s pi is higher.
    4. Defenders debuffs do not activate. Multiple times in aw guillotine’s regen curse does not activate.
    5. Overall difficult fighting. Defender uses special at perfect timing. As soon as I let go of block and dodge forward, boom special. I dodge back to evade and defender almost immediately follows and hits before I can block.
    6. Defenders movements are increasingly faster than attackers. Dodging back and dashing forward.
    7. Parry and dexterity don’t always work as well as they should.
    8. ETC....
    There are more, just don’t want to list too much lol
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    CanubusCanubus Posts: 3
    IGN: Canubus
    Device: iphone X
    OS: IOS 11.4
    Cell or WiFi: Both
    Game Version: 19.1
    Game mode: All
    Issues: Phone heats up from browsing menus. Have not started a match out of fear of damaging my phone.
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    themikithemiki Posts: 60
    IGN: themiki_
    DEVICE: iPhone 7 Plus
    OS: 11.4.1
    Version: 19.1
    Game Mode: All. Lag between menu’s. Arena crashing. Phone warmer than usual.
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    ShogzShogz Posts: 9
    In-Game Name: shogarty
    Device and Model: Samsung galaxy s8+
    Device Operating System: 8.0.0.”
    Cellular or WiFi: both, haven't tested on others. Although I'm due in war soon
    Game Version Installed: 19.1
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    YlyusYlyus Posts: 21
    IGN - Ylyus
    Device - IPhone X and IPad Pro
    IOS - 11.4.1
    Connection - WIFI
    Game - 19.1.0
    Mode - AW/AQ/Arenas/Monthly/Questing - all areas affected.

    Description of the Issue:

    When the fight starts, champs very often just stand there for up to 10 seconds. Screen is completely unresponsive. This doesn’t happen at the start of every fight, but it happens several times daily. Other times, in the middle of a fight, if I use an sp3, once the cut-scene is complete, my screen will again be unresponsive for up to 10 seconds. (And yes, I’ve timed it on multiple occassions). Another time that it happens is when I go to my potions screen. If I use a revive or a heal potion, then go back into the fight, 10 seconds unresponsive screen and, as a result, the loss of the revive and health potions I just invested in. This bug has caused me to lose in AW, and has also caused me to lose my infinite streak in arenas multiple times.

    Hope this information is specific enough.
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    Bty6Bty6 Posts: 1
    iPhone X
    Both WiFi and cellular
    Event quest and general game play are heating my phone like it used to before 19.
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    Iwhite21Iwhite21 Posts: 23
    IGN- Chop223
    Device- IPhone 6s
    Cellular and WiFi
    All game modes- experiencing lag which gets me intercepted or just straight punched in the face
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    IGN: JDsVoiceWorks
    Device: iPhone 7
    OS: iOS 12.0
    Cell or Wifi: Both
    Game version: 19.1
    Game mode: arena and solo questing and AW
    Issues: Heating (like 19.0) and severe frame rate drop in combat, lack of control response
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    Dsquarius_GreenDsquarius_Green Posts: 5
    In-Game Name: Dsquarius Green
    Device and Model: iPhone 6S
    Device Operating System: iOS 11.4.1
    Cellular or WiFi: Both Cellular and WiFi
    Game Version Installed: 19.1
    Game Mode: All game modes (including not actively playing)
    Description of the Issue: Severe overheating (within 3-5 minutes of play). The hotfix for the prior overheating with 19.0 seemed to have worked for me, but this issue has returned with 19.1. Over-heating is causing severe game performance issues in terms of lagging (dropped frames). This issue started the moment I loaded the 19.1 update. The game is unplayable after 3-5 minutes due to overheating.
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    razorjack10razorjack10 Posts: 42
    In-Game Name: RazorJack10.
    Device and Model: iPhone 8 Plus
    Device Operating System: iOS 11
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game Version Installed: 19.1
    Game Mode: Story Quests, Arena, Alliance War (rest of the mode didn't noticed).
    Description of the Issue: Bad frame rate and lag mainly in Arena but also in AW and Questing for few minutes (mostly after 30-60 minutes of gameplay). Lag causes mistimed parry and evade makes me loose fight. One more issue of lag is when deadpool and venompool uses SP2 it mostly lags and animation completely cuts makes SP2 hard to deal with sometimes when i m close to opponent.

    Overall in high performance devices like iphone 8 plus and iphone x Game should be run more smoother than it is currently with higher frame rate.

    Hope it helps and good luck.
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    phil_e_hphil_e_h Posts: 1
    IGN: phil_e_h
    Device: iPhone 6
    OS: iOS 11
    Cell or Wifi: Both
    Game version: 19.1
    Game mode: arena and solo questing.
    Issues: Overheating, severe frame rate drop in combat, fights ‘pause’ for a couple of second. Even notice severe lag when trying to scroll through champion list. Game is virtually unplayable for any longer than a few minutes.
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    IGN: Ultra G
    Device, Model: Apple iPhone X
    Device Operating System: iOS 11.4.1
    Cellular, Wifi: these issue occurred are both cellular and wifi. I conducted a hard reset and powered down the device and the same results occurred
    Game Version Installed: 19.0.1
    Game Mode: this issue has occurred on start up, arena, AW, story mode
    Issues: Very slow to open apps approximately 60-90 seconds on both cellular and wifi, Bad frame rate and parry/ dexterity non-responsive, overheating issues after 15-20 mins of play, game froze in story mode and completely crashed.
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