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    Etjama said:

    To the people who disagreed, do you understand RNG? XD
    In simple terms, if you roll a die, you have a bigger chance of rolling a 6 in 100 rolls rather than 10. So the odds in each crystal you open don't change, but the probability of something happening increases with opportunities for it to happen. That's why you often pull a 4* after opening 100 PHC's and don't often see a 4* after opening 1.
    Best explanation yet. We need to pin this* somewhere visible at the top of the forums.
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    It was a day before they were released and I didn't know when they were coming
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    haha I got an ad
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    . @RiderofHell let me guess you pulled ghost rider from your dual class crystal recently congrats on the pull🤣🤣🤣
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