As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
The timeline has not been set, but work has started.

Game Down Aug. 9 [Merged Threads]



  • bazingampbazingamp Posts: 135
    I just got Masacre yesterday from 5 star featured crystal
  • MerdsuperMerdsuper Posts: 107
  • GK_23GK_23 Posts: 275 ★★★
    This is beyond old.
  • Yes it is down again. Once again typical Kabam quality. I wonder what do all these Kabam mods and developers feel, if their electricity and water supply go down few times a day, and a few dozen times a month, and they are asked to CHECK THEIR PIPELINE or VALVES.
  • raffsterraffster Posts: 1,071 ★★★
  • Woody_federWoody_feder Posts: 584 ★★
    I think so same for me
  • şeytanşeytan Posts: 2
    son of a ****
  • RA_ARRA_AR Posts: 100
    Why do we have this daily? We need comphensation!!!!! @Kabam Miike
  • Ai, Ai, Captain!
  • Woz22Woz22 Posts: 57
    Down again is this because Alliance Quest has just finished , I am trying to finish Cabal on normal to get my frigging basic 4 and 3 star Kingpin on the last tile 3 more more paths sort it out Kabam
  • Kabam can't even tell if it's piloting or owning multiple accounts.
  • belli300belli300 Posts: 704 ★★★
    There’s alway one
  • Darkness82Darkness82 Posts: 275
    edited August 2018
    Same was doing alpha arena we demand compensation for this is not what we want kabam smooth game or your gonna lose lots of players communication is lacking and they just care about the $ Money $ Not the playerbase it’s down for me so yeah bad company you should be more communicative with your players #WorstTimeToHaveEmergencyMaintenance
  • FloorKillerFloorKiller Posts: 148 ★★
    "enjoy another unplanned maintenance" ® kabamoids
  • VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,198 ★★★

    yes, down... again.

  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,234 ★★★★★
    I agree with taking the rewards away from the alliance, even unknowingly, the alliance does benefit from cheaters helping them win wars/AQ. However, it does not break any GDPR to let alliances know the ingame name Of the player. It doesn’t even give away their detection methods.

    GDPR: it doesn’t break this because they aren’t giving away any private details, all they are doing is announcing a made up, non-personal ingame name. If the name is personal then the player themself is at fault as they are told not to make personal names. Other games announce cheaters, Mcoc is the only game I know that is so hellbent on protecting cheaters identity and causing undue trouble for the honest players of the alliance. Future fight, as an example, publishes lists of players who are banned fairly often I believe.

    Detection methods: it’s a pretty silly statement to claim announcing who is caught would ruin their detection methods. Let’s say Player A pilots for player B. A few weeks later, the leader gets a mail saying their points have been docked, someone in the alliance piloted. The leader would talk in the line chat and ask who did it. Player A and B both stay quiet but they know they are the ones who did it. They know nothing about kabam’s detection methods.

    Now let’s go back, but change kabam’s privacy policy. Leader gets a message saying “Player A and Player B have been caught piloting” (or perhaps it would just be Player B, since his was the account). Regardless, the leader knows it was player B so he is kicked. How on earth would Player A or Player B, or anyone for that matter, know any more about kabam’s detection methods?

    Announcing a name, cannot give any information about their detection methods. Don’t believe me? Look at what happens with modding. This is the same situation except the user gets banned and doesn’t log in, essentially, they have been outed, their name was announced.

    The player mods, is caught, and is banned. The leader sees that their rating was reduced and wonders who it was. 3 days later, a member still hasn’t logged in. They know it was that guy. So now, because kabam’s privacy policy doesn’t protect modders who get banned, do you really think that anybody involved in the situation knows any more about kabam’s detection methods?

    I’ve seen GW post this a lot and it’s always bothered me, but here is my correction to the flawed logic.
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 3,347 ★★★★
    This is getting old........
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,234 ★★★★★
    But... I’ve just woken up...
  • 1haunted_memory1haunted_memory Posts: 804 ★★★
    well I guess I can get some work done now
  • RA_ARRA_AR Posts: 100
    Yeah, down yet again
  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 2,084 ★★★★★
    Whatever compensation kabam is planning, that comp is just getting larger. I think kabam will just say F this, all of you get zippo.
  • WaddaboutmeWaddaboutme Posts: 129
    This is getting beyond ridiculous. I’ve been playing for over 18 months and love the game but I’m not loving the now regular game crashes. I’m not sure how much longer I can endure this.
  • Rajdeep1997Rajdeep1997 Posts: 88
    i was in between my war attack and it shows that connection error again... dont know whether my champs survive or not.... please kabam repair your connection and give some compensation for that... we really need the compensation
    @Kabam Miike please see this post and do something. contest is down.... grandmaster will be very angry on you if this goes on
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