Wasp in uncollected mode

Can someone with a soul tell me how to beat her? Getting little tired of her “auto-evade” thing electrocut me to death O.o


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    If you don’t have a corvus Glaive (Immune to shock so the evade literally does nothing), then the best way to do it is bait her heavy attack. Every time she shrinks she cannot evade you for between 4 and 10 seconds depending on sig level. So when you bait a heavy, she shrinks and you can’t get evaded while the grey timer icon is there. Same works for L1 and L2

    Edit: failing that, use a true strike or ability accuracy reduction champ
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    Thank you for the knowledge.
  • Does iceman work?
  • roberto94roberto94 Posts: 455
    Probably? Seeing his sp1 negate auto evaders
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    Does iceman work?

    No I tried
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    Does iceman work?

    She removes all debuffs when she shrinks... removes coldsnap, hence no stopping evade.
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    Use agent venom then
    He autoreduces evade chance and if you get evade, he has a decent chance at shrugging off the shock
    Personally my kingpin wrecked her
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    Black widow then?
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    roberto94 wrote: »
    Black widow then?

    You can use any character. Just bait heavy and specials. Look at the grey timer on her. When it is in cooldown, smash her. Heavy and specials make her go into cooldown.
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    AA parry heavy parry heavy stack so Neurotoxins and watch her melt away as you reduce her Ability Accuracy
  • karnak should work
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