4* Mutant rank up question

I already have x23 as a 4* 5/50 and I have a duped AA sitting at 4/40 and I was planning on taking him to 5/50 next. But I recenlty duped my wolverine and know his regen is way better than x23 although he doesn't deal the same kind of damage as her. Also I'm in the transition phase where 4/40s aren't as useable anymore (as I'm taking my 5th&6th 4* to r5 very soon) but T4CC are still hard to come by. I only use 4/40s sometimes in aq map3 if I need my 5/50s and 3/45 for aw/questing. For context I'm 190k rating with 1 3/45 and 4 5/50s and I have 8 5*s in total.

I'm really torn because I know AA is the better champ but wolvie's regen could save me so many items. So my question is who should I rank5? And if I rank 5 my AA (which I think is the better choice) is it still worth it to r4 wolvie? Keep in mind that if I rank 5 one champ it takes me a good 3-6 months to get another 3 mutant T4CC(depending on rng).

Although this all won't be relevant anymore if I pull the goddess Domino from my featured 5* next week 😉

4* Mutant rank up question 20 votes

R5 AA and R4 wolvie ASAP
Jank39MrLalowJohnyzeroCarme1974YouconfusedQuatre_1988FhfjghhggggjfhfjgRobbo29192Tivjyot 9 votes
R5 AA and let wolvie be for now
DarkZenvg2782MagrailothosRsIVDuke_SilverxananabananaMaldroit2Avetrex2Avengerboy99IsThisLoss 10 votes
R5 wolvie and let AA be for now
Disgruntled_User_123 1 vote


  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 2,720
    I have a rank 5 Wolverine, rank 3 X-23 and rank 4 unawakened Archangel.

    I don't see top players using Wolverine anymore. I think they just don't need the regen, being able to hit and not get hit.

    If you are breezing through content, Wolverine is not needed, X-23 is sufficient.

    AA is still worth rank 5, for its neurotoxin.

  • Yeah as I see it the only reason I'd r5 him is for rage nodes in act5/uncollected eq but I still wonder if I'll use him that much.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 1,594
    R5 AA and let wolvie be for now
    Wolverine is one of many champs whose utility goes down as your skill level goes up.

    I 5/50'd my Wolverine to 100% clear Act 4, which he was awesome for; and he's great for hack'n'slash if you're a fairly simplistic player; but Archangel deals a different world of damage. Go with him.
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