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Game is down [Merged Threads]

FieldministerFieldminister Posts: 14
edited August 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues
It's down yet again.
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  • Marcbat63Marcbat63 Posts: 30
    Can we kkep the servers up long enough to fight a 5 minute long war match? Jeez!!!
    Cant wait to see what my health when it comes back....SMH
  • BjsallerBjsaller Posts: 10
    These connection issues with the ‘emergency maintenance’ is annoying AF and enough is enough. Best be worth it later with apology rewards.
  • SassyMastySassyMasty Posts: 311
    edited August 2018
    Kabam has made it clear that they don't care about us, only about the money they spend, and it looks like they care more about getting new players to spend than keeping old ones. I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  • Mitchell35Mitchell35 Posts: 1,897 ★★★★
    Don’t get your hopes up lol
  • BjsallerBjsaller Posts: 10
    You will not take away my joy.
  • rnr87rnr87 Posts: 394
    No but kabam will
  • BjsallerBjsaller Posts: 10
    If we let them take our joy, the terrorists win.
  • TostitozTostitoz Posts: 21
  • Mitchell35Mitchell35 Posts: 1,897 ★★★★
    Alright time to dust off the #BoycottKabam2018
  • Tthunder2058Tthunder2058 Posts: 115
  • Bwest289Bwest289 Posts: 180
    Are you able to tell us WHY the game continues to go down? I think it's an average of 2-3 times per day now.
  • EyanEyan Posts: 11
    I am currently grinding Arena and had a long streak broken due to the outages and "connection" issues. Arena almost feels unplayable at this point. Seriously considering not playing until all of these outages, daily maintenance and "connection" issues are fixed. Its been a month and a new update has rolled out, and more of the same. Unacceptable.
  • MauckseeMaucksee Posts: 38
    You guys are really a joke.
    What kind of service you give us
    5-7 times a day game is down.
    We also purchase your offers with our real money.
    After that also you guys cant afford a decent server.
  • Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 3,038 ★★★★★
    edited August 2018
    What is going on with the emergency maintenances. 6 times in one week is unacceptable for any standards.
    I’m quite scared too Fight the adaptiod because the servers might go down mid fight
  • Madman1220Madman1220 Posts: 30
    Twice in 1 day. This is getting stupid. Fix the damn servers. @kabam miike
  • SjanddsSjandds Posts: 117
    Dont need to write any thing they dont care at all
  • AddyosAddyos Posts: 1,090 ★★★★
    Kabam is preparing for the reintroduction of dungeons. Prepare for Marvel Contest of Hourly Maintenance when they do arrive :/.
  • Viktor252Viktor252 Posts: 44
    I must say... Im finding it very hard to play the game when it keeps going down and disconnecting me. Ive checked my connection and its fine.
  • Viktor252Viktor252 Posts: 44
    6th or 7th time TODAY!!!
  • Marcbat63Marcbat63 Posts: 30
    Hey Kabam....
    Can y’all fix this issue? Its getting to be a bit silly now...Future Flight never has this issue...
    Maybe hire their I.T. to help y’all out?
    Just sayin’...
  • phr3akphr3ak Posts: 10
    @Kabam Miike What happend to this fix you guys implemented to keep this from happening? seems its even worse now making it very challenging to complete AQ in a timely mannor - losing health because the game drops , killing Arena grinding time making it so lots of people are going to miss there mark in basic, featured and 5* arena points.
  • This is all I do nowadays is wait for the game to connect. I always see the message ‘check your connection’ and nothing has changed but is getting worse. Guess it’s time to quit playing I don’t have the time to wait all day long.
  • K1lltasticK1lltastic Posts: 674 ★★★
    This is ridiculous
  • thegrimmlingthegrimmling Posts: 167
  • HappymoonHappymoon Posts: 17
    You guys made me loose my resources with your emergency !#&&$#. you can't even keep the game running properly. Now who is gonna bring back those items I used???
  • Lpirnie5321Lpirnie5321 Posts: 113
    They never seem to have an issue taking our money...
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