If you had to pick between Hawkeye and Electra?

cjs8000cjs8000 Posts: 44
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Consider the unduped version of both champs, if you can only upgrade one, who'd you pick?

If you had to pick between Hawkeye and Electra? 56 votes

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  • Hawkeye
    Hawkeye. Bleed + power control.
  • SMiller80SMiller80 Posts: 230 ★★
    I have both. I chose Elektra. Both good options.
  • KLee_Plu5KLee_Plu5 Posts: 34
    Yes, Hawkeye can bleed and power drain, but do you really wanna play an entire match just spamming S1?

    Elektra can start off slow in the beginning, but she's got bleed in her specials and even has an alternative armor break in case she's facing a bleed immune. That's balanced to me. I'd personally go with Elektra first.
  • Tmasters1984Tmasters1984 Posts: 451
    Elektra is more versatile and really does damage in a high crit team. Both rely on the l1.

    Hawkeye has power control but E has ignore armour on debuffs, so particularly good with a mastery build with assassin, dw, inequity and resonate.

    It depends what you want to use them for and how your mysteries are invested, but I'd choose Elektra.

    I have both at 4/40 at high sigs. I'll r5 E soonish, I think.

    It's really just about preference, I think.
  • cjs8000cjs8000 Posts: 44
    Thanks for the info guys...
    Upgraded them both to 2/20...
    Electra does finish off opponents way faster, before they get to L3 Special attack.
    Hawkeye is better suited for fighting fast power gaining champs who're a rank or two ahead of him, but has trouble with highly armoured champs like Hulkbuster or Rhino.
  • 4_ME_U_D0N34_ME_U_D0N3 Posts: 141
    I want an option for both of them...I got both of them and each is good on their own field i will use a hawkeye on a power gain node and i will use elektra on thorns or to bypass safeguard but both are good at 2 things and thats not triggering md and good utility (bleed armor break power drain )
  • SummonerB2SummonerB2 Posts: 556
    Hawkeye is underrated and is great for power control.
  • CrusherOfDreamsCrusherOfDreams Posts: 1,370 ★★★
    One of the most underrated champs in the game. Still not great, but neither is Elektra. He's a solid champ. Power Control is a huge factor is many circumstances. He's great for AQ and AW when you're running out of time to bait SP moves. You can just let them have their SP3 then take it away again. His Bleed is also amazing.
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