Game down again - Stuck on Fight Screen [Merged Threads]



  • Raymundo86Raymundo86 Posts: 587 ★★★
    Well the good news is screen doesn’t black out...bad news I get stuck on loading screen every time I try to enter a game mode. Not so ironically I can still purchase crystals and units if I so pleased....classic.
  • DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,799 ★★★★★
    Thanks BK_1
    thank you good sir
  • PsilencePsilence Posts: 15
    ...same thing hapening over here❗️
  • GmonkeyGmonkey Posts: 1,589 ★★★★
    Having free time and game is down seems to happen often.
  • Raymundo86Raymundo86 Posts: 587 ★★★
  • AhtopahtoAhtopahto Posts: 30
  • DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,799 ★★★★★
    Thank you
  • JammJimmJammJimm Posts: 12
    When I go to the fight tab nothing loads. I have seen a couple other posts about this in the last few minutes, but those posts were deleted before I could add a comment.
  • JdrizzleJdrizzle Posts: 9
    The fight tab isn’t working just keeps loading
  • ramanshramansh Posts: 96
    guys recntly i am unable to open the fight tab. all other tabs are opening properly bt once i tap on fight the page just sets on loading which never end............pls help
  • Hyperbolein_1Hyperbolein_1 Posts: 67
    Same ,
  • BznetBznet Posts: 18
    I'm currently able to access every other tab in game however the fight tab in the menu is inaccessible. i cant play event quest, AQ, AW etc. on any of my accounts. each time I attempt to enter fight tab a small loading wheel appears near the bottom and then the entire game is inaccessible.

  • @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Wolf Instead of deleting everyone’s posts about the game being down because the Dungeons became active, how about fixing the Problem of what you try to call a game. I wonder what problems will be next. Maybe actual exploding phones or how about Phone Data Deletion... That would be a good one!
  • GoDuncGoDunc Posts: 2
    Hopefully lot of players including me will leave this game to RIP for a some time because it’s becoming really nerve breaking and not funny or enjoyable
  • Patchie93Patchie93 Posts: 1,897 ★★★★
    But what do you do when it wont let you fight?
  • MayleutMayleut Posts: 11
    My other comment I made taken down, think kabam should give up on the idea of dungeons as it always seems to cause issues. I was also going for the Heimdall arena and could miss out if they don’t get the game up quickly.
  • Bobmacoy71Bobmacoy71 Posts: 15
    if they are going to improve the game in good time gentlemen of kabam
  • Da2Vero33ManDa2Vero33Man Posts: 64
    When I enter the game and then select the fight menu I am stuck on the spinning wheel. I cannot access anything through the fight menu.
  • Please fix this ASAP, to much to do and so little time
  • JiNTarkanJiNTarkan Posts: 21
    same here
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 12,126 ★★★★★
    Use these tabs to access AW and AQ
  • DMaGicDMaGic Posts: 3
    me too
  • ManWhOlauGhZManWhOlauGhZ Posts: 1
    Anyone having trouble getting into Quests or Alliance Fights? Games Freezes when u hit the Fight tab
  • clicking the fight button freezes the game
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 12,126 ★★★★★
    You can get to everything else but the fight tab itself and you can still get to AQ and AW
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