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Dungeons Multiple Bugs

1st : I fought agains miniboss Kingpin with wolverine, when I get back to dungeons page,Kingpin was still standing.I couldn't fight him again,after that I tried to shut the game down and log in back,and after that when I tried to get back dungeons I found myself in homepage. So yeah,dungeons are not running as it supposed to be,still...
Video :

2nd and the best of all time : I fought against crossbones miniboss, dungeon 6 room 3 with 4* hyperion,I won the match but when I came back on dungeon,Crossbones was still standing.My dungeon mate beat him and when we went to next room,game bugged and disconnected me. When I came back I could get back in dungeons this time..Luckily. Was that actual lucky,cause I may have seen the best and the best,the most shocking bug of all time. Guys when I came back,my team was CHANGED, I beat Crossbones with 4* Hyperion with team of 5* cable and 4* hela or medusa(cant remember exactly). But when I came back I saw this :


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