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Mordo still not blocking after combo

He is still not blocking after he completes his combo. This just cost me my arena streak.......PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!!!!


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    actualy never had that problem. He blocks fine after a 5 hit combo. are you using a medium or light attackt to end your combo?
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    I tried both and after completing the combo I got hit every time.
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    CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,965 ★★★★★
    Every time I use a mlllm combo I can parry and block as normal. Every time I use a mllll combo I cannot block or parry, but I really have to go out of my way to use this combo as it is unnatural due to mlllm being the best combo since forever.
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    Bpn88855Bpn88855 Posts: 464 ★★
    Same here. Issue is still not fixed
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    BigDaddyJoeBigDaddyJoe Posts: 357 ★★
    They won't address this issue because it's a way to make you learn to use a different set of combos. The medium light light light medium works the way normal champs do. How many times have we seen Kabam address this, none I'll answer that. Try it.... it works
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    I got that problem too. And Nightcrawler got the same problem. Try using that. Hope there fiz that
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