[1Dos3] We Are Gladiators!! Recruiting for new Teammates.

We Are Gladiators [1DOS3]

We are a mixed bag alliance in a rebuilding period with some very new players, some with second accounts, and some veterans but we all have fun while growing together. We are AQ focused to help our younger mates grow their accounts and then we will begin to integrate AW.

We are looking for players of all skill levels who just enjoy playing the game without unnecessary pressure, we just ask that you are active and patient. We do require the use of Telegram, it is just preferred. A lot of us still utilize other communication apps (e.g., line) but all alliance chat is executed through telegram.

There are no donations at the moment, and no announced minimums, but if you play the game those tend to fall in line. Most importantly we all have lives outside of this game and we take that seriously, no stress for heaven's sake this is only a game.

This isn't the place to park your account, but feel free to give us a shot and grow your account, and help players who still enjoy the game and meet some fairly decent people, bourbon afficionados, actors, scientists, mathematicians, etc.


  • If interested, please post here or friend me in-game. My in-game name is gladiator2014.
  • I will consider joining your alliance
    Add me: T Frighter
  • I added you as friend in-game. Look forward to chatting with you to find out what you are looking for in an alliance.
  • bump
  • For Season 5 AQ, we currently play map 4 in 1 BG. We rotate to easier map too on the next day so that everyone interested in AQ can participate and get ranked rewards. As we get more teammates (a shout out to ALL new players, that are starting out, you are welcome to join us), we can have one BG playing map 4 or 5 while a second BG can have an easier map such as Map 1 or 2. There are no donations at the moment as we know new players need gold to rank up their roster. We do our best to support and help you grow your roster.
  • Our alliance does accept a merger. If you are new to the game and have started a new alliance but don't have enough teammates yet, and would like to merge with us, please let me know. We have vets in our family with experience that can help you with knowledge about the game like mastery setup, ranking up the appropriate champs, strategy for completing events, etc. and help you grow as a player. Our alliance is active so you should be able to get cool rewards and resources to help. From a long term perspective, you would need to be willing to use Telegram as the communication app though. Eventually, BG assignment and route assignment for AQ and AW will be done through this app.
  • Our alliance is based in the USA. We have teammates across all 3 time zones. In the past, we had teammates from the UK, Canada, Italy, France, Argentina, Mexico, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Despite time zone differences, our alliance was successful in reaching milestones and helping each other grow because we were and are still organized. With many of our key teammates retired or moved on, we are rebuilding and we have no doubt that we will be successful again. If you are from other parts of the world and would like to play with us, we extend an open invitation to you join us and have fun. English is the primary language of communication in our alliance. But we have Spanish speaking teammates too. Por favor, no tienes miedo. Pruebanos!! Somos familia!
  • We found a few more teammates so for the next AQ 5-day event, our AQ-focused alliance will play AQ in TWO battlegroups. In BG 1, we play one of the more difficult maps, such as map 4 or 5. We only need 7 strong teammates to complete this map. In BG 2, we play one of the easier maps, such as map 1 or 2 for our lower ratings teammates. This BG only needs 3 players for completion. We aim for 100% map completion each time.

    Our AQ goal remain the same: surpass the 8 M points mark at the conclusion of the 5-day event, at the minimum. We will aim to reach the 10 M points mark. This way, we can get 1 or 2 map 5 crystals as rewards in this event. As more teammates join us, and as our teammates get stronger, our AQ strategy will change and we discuss and plan these changes in our alliance's communication app, Telegram.
  • Each member of our alliance just received the following rewards (peak rewards and ranked rewards combined) for earning 9.34 M points and was ranked 9700+ in the 5-day AQ event:

    - 1700 Glory, Map 5 Crystal x1, Map 4 Crystal x 6, T4BC fragments x 3000
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