Mordo new counter?

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When parrying and using heavy with AA against mordo the astral evade works and you hit mordo but degen doesn’t occur.. is it working as intended?
Only with heavy.. if you stun him and use light or medium degen occurs...
Can anyone confirm if it’s a bug or working as intended?


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    Did mordo have a neurotoxin prior to this? Neurotoxin may have reduced ability accuracy, preventing him from astral evading.
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    is neurotoxin ability reduction applicable to mordo? I know concussion does( not only his astral evade but his power gain also) but neurotoxin as well?
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    AA heavy does not trigger astral evade, that's how its been always.

    Also, if you keep making useless posts, I'll bring my Blade and wreck your mordo anyways.
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    Iceman is for me the best counter to mordo if you are worried about the astral evade plus him in general.

    Keep coldsnap active and just go to town no astral evade. Also for powergain if he just holds and gets to sp3 no worries with icearmor active no matter his level.

    Basically start the fight and just hammer away as you would normally do anyone else and spam sp2. When he holds and doesn't attack in the corner while powrrgaining heavy him for the extra damage from the charges.
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    Multi-hit heavy attacks can be a partial counter to Mordo's astral evade. It's a timing issue. These guys seem reliable:

    Drax's multi-hit medium attack is (famously) no longer a counter. Not sure if anyone tried Domino's medium, especially post-20.0. Any other reliable multi-hit champions?

    Fatigue is the best counter; making original Captain America a beast against Mordo. Ant Man, Joe Fixit and Spider-Gwen also drop Fatigue reliably, making them pretty effective counters. So, you know, all the top champions!
  • Not sure if anyone tried Domino's medium, especially post-20.0.

    I just tested it with my domino against AlexVanDamme's mordo. Didn't work so we can scratch that off the list.
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    GR works great against mordo, time and SP1 correctly and the power gain is gone for the rest of the fight
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    Zee_Reborn wrote: »
    To my knowledge, X23 and Elektra's heavy no longer work. I'll test it.

    Also, the only 100% counter without using a heavy is Sabretooth.

    I know everyone thinks IWIM is only for defense but his med and heavy don’t get astral evaded. He can parry Mordo all day long. Repulsor attacks homie!


    I have tested this several tiles and works every time.
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    I used to bring Blade + GR when i see a lot of Mordo in AW map. But now i bring KM and Void instead, KM true strike take down astral evade anytime.
  • Guys it's going off topic I was asking if the heavy by AA ignoring astral evade is normal or a bug... I didn't ask for counters for mordo
    new counter, archangel came out 1 year ago
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    And iceman shut Down mordo evade to.
  • AA heavy working is more of a bug most likely (not counting if you have toxins), similar but little different than Drax. Drax timing of his quick two hit medium worked around it but they always stated that was a bug and they eventually fixed with frame rates. Currently a few champs with drawn out heavies can also get around it at times but not always - things like limber at times mess up timing of hits and can still lead to an astral evade.
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    Not sure if anyone tried Domino's medium, especially post-20.0.

    I just tested it with my domino against AlexVanDamme's mordo. Didn't work so we can scratch that off the list.

    Cool name, Ivar.
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    Antman is a good counter, place a fatigue on him an he can't astral evade,same with og cap
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