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[Android] 20.0 Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



  • Jass007Jass007 Posts: 62
    Lex34jn wrote: »
    Nick - lex34jn
    Moto X Play
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MSM8939
    Quad-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A53 + Quad-core 1.0 GHz Cortex-A53
    Adreno 405
    Game locking a lot and closing alone.
    I lost several fights because of the errors, I can not continue in the arenas and other events because I'm losing fights when the game crashes.

    I'm facing similar problem I also use same moto device
    In game name is. •D€v!L•
    I didnt had crashes before but this update is very annoying my game crashes every 10 min
  • FreakydFreakyd Posts: 201
    Can't log in :/ Oneplus android 9.0
  • In-Game Name: IGBSneakynow
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S9+
    Device Operating System: Android 8.0.0 (Samsung experience 9.0)
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: Latest

    newest bugs that I have run into....the only way to log into the game is from a fresh start (completely closing the game)...if I try to restart the game after minimizing it will sit on the loading screen forever
    Playing Dungeon, suddenly unable to move at all...clicking on the next node causes the little swirly dot that usually happens right before you move, but you don't move....restarted the app, now cannot get back into the dungeon at all...it has the "continue" button...but when I click on it nothing happens....can navigate elsewhere in the game...just cannot get back into dungeon.
    Launched a dungeon...hit "find partner", found a partner....but the Partner screen won't go away (the screen showing who my partner and I brought into the dungeon), cannot go to type a message or start or anything....got cursed out by my partner who thought I went AFK..

    My opponent seems to be able to dodge part of my specials. Was using Domino vs Hela (although this happened in several fights now...this is just the most recent). but with Domino's Sp2, hit with the first part of it...suddenly when she kicked the gun at Hela, Hela was able to dodge back....this was in an EQ
    Related to the last one...I was attacked in the middle of a special...by their special!!! fight was IMIW vs King Groot. I was in the middle of SP1 where I struck him and then jumped back to start shooting bolts at him and suddenly King Groot went into his SP2 animation cancelling my bolts (the first bolt was fired but as it was in the air it disappeared as he started his sp2 and my second bolt was never fired, instead I took the full brunt of a King Groot SP2). This happened in a Occult lab).
    Lastly, I have had it where I was in the middle of a heavy (Hyperion) where he hits with the first punch...and suddenly the opponent blocked who does not have autoblock...this happened against X-force Deadpool in EQ.
  • FreakydFreakyd Posts: 201
    Specials and combos being weirdly interrupted. Specials not being triggered. Characters dashing in for no reason. Just messy game play.

    oneplus 6 android 9.0

    problem did improve and recently started again. In story which not usually too much of a problem and EQ stuff but strangely enough and probably first time ever, not in war!
  • ffpb5bbylpn6.pnguwg3pi7hhhy3.png


    Mightywhiston experiencing lagging and severe loss of connection since v12 during AW, AQ, dungeons and questing.
    I've noticed severe lagging whilst fighting
    Dormammu on most scenarios, he's unplayable.

    Another image shows the loss of 50% health without the fight starting due to lost connection. This happens more regular now with v20. This is often followed by the game crashing and restarting. Then I have to link the account again. Shown in another picture.

    I always play on a stable WiFi connection. Makes no difference, still loses connection when the signal is fine.

    Please fix it.
    Almighty thank you.
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Moto E4 plus
    4g lte
    Sprint/ boost Mobile

    This game is such a mess sometimes, this has been going on for months now and seems to get slightly better than start to go downhill again.

    Mad connection issues, mad lag in all menus, lag in fights more specifically blocking and evadeing, the loading screens are long as hell and have been for awhile in JUST this game.

    I know I evade things but still get hit, I see dexterity pop up and still get hit, slowdowns and lag during fights causing me to eat attacks and specials and take heavy damage or get ko'ed or my specials fail, or all kinds of other **** not to mention it crashes all the time I go away from the app or randomly crashes for no reason.

    Your OTHER game transformers ran perfectly fine on this phone, pubg runs perfectly fine on this phone, marvel future fight runs perfectly fine on this phone and streams fast etc.

    So it is NOT in my end it's 100% on YOUR end, Android users already get the short end of the stick and this is just making the game irritating to play because everything is taking so freaking long to load.

    Any word when you will fix the game and optimize it for Android users, because this is getting kinda ridiculous
  • Corvus doesn't always get his charges. I killed vision in section 2 AQ map5 and got nothing.
    This seems to happen when I start a fight and his blue icon with the charges doesn't show up at all.
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016)
    In game name: jujumen
  • Kabam'd again! Just spent 320 hard earned units on L4 alliance team potion. Went into fight, lost connection again, lost 50% health without fighting. Happens regularly. Not just to me, but others in my alliance and probably many others. Are you running a scam Kabam?
  • x0y6b2go2uxi.png
    Check out X23s health.
  • KazzeoneKazzeone Posts: 35
    Jefangel wrote: »
    In-Game Name: IGBSneakynow
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S9+
    Device Operating System: Android 8.0.0 (Samsung experience 9.0)
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: Latest

    So many issues with lag....REALLY long loading time (we are talking 10-20 minutes at times....sometimes even between fights!!), often times I never log in...it doesn't error out...but also doesn't log in, I let my phone sit for over 2 hours last night on the loading screen and it never logged in (just kept "Loading").
    I have reset my device to factory and started over, and re-installed the game twice now.
    I also have the issue where Suddenly my champ will freeze in the middle of the fight (I am hitting controls but my champ does nothing), this can occur at various times, when attempting to block, sometimes in the middle of a combo (breaking my combo), sometimes right after I start a block (it will then drop the block).
    I have also had a weird "teleport" effect by my opponent where he seems to suddenly appear next to my champ (rather than running towards him) or suddenly appear on the other side of the screen (successfully dodging what I threw).
    I have trouble timing parry or block since the lag seems to come and go...I'll be fine for one minute, and have trouble the next...I might even be able to do several fights in a row that are fine, but then suddenly get crushed in the middle of a fight.
    I have turned on "Game" performance mode but that doesn't seem to help. I have tried loading the game with zero background apps running, it doesn't seem to help.
    I have also had an issue where the champ will sometimes act on its own....either suddenly dashing in at the enemy or doing a heavy attack when I made no such actions for that to occur....

    This has gotten me very close to quitting the game for good...and occurs in all game modes, but seems to be more noticeable in harder fights...I have used more revives and potions this month in completing content than I did becoming uncollected or completing all of act 5 100%. it is insane, these fights are EASY for me when the lag disappears for short stints, but I am getting destroyed when it lags...in AQ I am usually one of the main boss killers, my alliance has been struggling with me being unable to fulfill my duties...I threw my phone last night in frustration while fighting a simple enemy and I had him down to 5% with no loss of any health on my side..and suddenly the lag kicked in and he started teleporting around, next thing I know my R5 5* GR is dead and he still has 5% health...forcing me to use a revive...and I NEVER use revives in AQ even doing map 5x5...I save those for AW...

    This has got to stop..

    In-Game Name: Kaze'
    Device and Model: LG G4
    Device Operating System: Android 6.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: Latest

    I have exactly the same problems, the game is getting unbearable and unplayable with each day..
  • SparkyCzSparkyCz Posts: 73
    edited November 2018
    Game name Jack Cz
    Device Xiaom Redmi 6
    Android 8.1.0
    WiFi nad cellular
    Latest game versions

    Problem started today i Have got stucky in a loding screen in aq and aw and i cant continue. Other game modes are really Slow And lagged So the game Is unplayable. Plus battery Is drained really quickly
  • Device xiomi pocophone f1
    Android 8 miui 9.6.22
    Most of my specials attacks after 5 hit combo on medium attack are getting blocked and parried. I have been playing for months without this happening, phone is new .
    I have videos .
    IGN: shaweng.
    It is affecting all champions in all areas of the game.
    Version 20.1
  • ApkillypsApkillyps Posts: 50
    LG Stylo 3
    OS: Android 7.0
    Game modes: ALL
    Just overall slow loads and lags. Even crystal opening animations are choppy.
  • 19panther9619panther96 Posts: 16


    It a issue again kabam glitch out of control loading don't let me get started on how long the loading is I restarted the game way to many times I'm sick of it man
  • hephaestushephaestus Posts: 145
    edited November 2018
    In-Game Name: H€PH@€$TU$
    Device and Model: Has happened with every Android I've used, but am currently on Samsung S8+
    Device Operating System: 8.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: Has happened on and off for years, every version, since bout 9.0 when I first started playing.
    Game Mode: All
    Description of the Issue:
    - no controls at all. I just have to sit there and watch my champ die. Tapping screen does nothing.
    - left or right swipe does not work
    - champion throws a heavy attack when they shouldn't
    - block doesn't work
    - champion ignores input and walks forward
    - screen zooms in too far at beginning of fight and gets stuck there causing the champs to use up the entire screen and be too close to each other
    - tapping attack or block brings up random menus instead of the actions they are supposed to, interrupting fight
    - controls freeze briefly after opponent uses a special or heavy
    - lose all controls completely after Emma Frost specials. (not reversed controls, no controls)

    All of these issues seem to come and go in phases. I'll get about a month or two of reliable controls and then the above bugs start fading in one by one or several at once. They continue getting worse over the course of a week or two and eventually become so bad that I literally can't play any content without dying for about a week or two and then phase back out. I'll have reliable controls again for a month or two and then they'll phase back in for a few weeks again.

    I've since bought an iPad to play on and the controls are amazing. I have literally never experienced fully working controls until I bought the iPad. I'm about 4x as good on the iPad as I am on Android.
  • Hello all,

    Thank you for all of the reports and information shared in this thread. It is always helpful to our team as we work to improve the performance of The Contest. For players experiencing any of these issues in the 21.0 version of the game, please report them in this discussion thread.
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