R2 6* unduped or R5 5* duped corvus glaive

R2 6* unduped or R5 5* duped corvus glaive
Which would u pick. I am lev60 act5 and lol fully completed.5* is duped at 60
Just can’t make up my mind between the 2 choices.


  • Nice dilemma to have, but tough one.

    But going forward, the R2 would be the best bet to rank at the moment
  • Since the dupe for Corvus isnt needed I would go rank 2 for your 6 star no doubt.
  • Wish i had that problem lol, 6* for sure
  • Thanks guys for the kind advice
  • CapWW2CapWW2 Posts: 2,902
    Rank 2 6 star is your best choice. He does not need the duped. Congrats
  • WerewrymWerewrym Posts: 1,702
    Wow... You are so lucky... Definitely go with 6* Corvus.
  • Chiming in with the consensus, but definitely go with your 6*. My 5* isn't duped yet, but still a beast, so I can definitely attest that you don't need him awakened to be worth having. The damage he'll put out at R2 6* I can only imagine as you complete those missions.
  • zeezee57zeezee57 Posts: 1,308
    I'd probably go with the 6* playing the long game, but then the question becomes how long exactly is the game? Will MCOC still be going strong by the time it reaches the point of R3 6* lol
  • Thanks guys for making a clear choice hahaha
    Just one last question I already have 5 stars r5 spider tech,
    Would you r2 Corvus unduped or r5 5 stars either blade, ghost rider, void, kingpin, magik, ghost, memphisto, voodoo, Bishop (5* are all duped with various signature level)
    Thanks for the kind input
  • I would go with 6 more health power n plenty off levels to go
  • It comes down to prestige I think...R2 6* is better overall but he will give u a lesser prestige bonus as compared to Ur duped 5*..but if prestige is not an issue I would R2 him over Ur 5* options
  • Maat1985Maat1985 Posts: 1,704
    Well 5* will cost un resources......
    Later on you will wanna spend the resources on your 6* as he has greater potential.
    So if you rank the 5* now it will just be longer to rank the 6*......
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