Dungeon Disconnect Champion Change Bug [Merged Threads]

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So I was playing dungeon and got disconnected from the game.
(not sure why, but my internet did not drop) I was using 4* GP, 5* GP and 5* Captain Marvel. I reconnected immediately and had these champs instead.scjv5yp6658l.png

So now I get through the room, conclude dungeon and my original champs are expired, but the fluke ones I had when I reconnected are not. What is up with this bug Kabam? Weirdest one yet.

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  • Hey there!

    That's really weird! I'm sorry it happened to you. I'll pass this on to the rest of the team and see what investigation we can start into it. Thanks for dropping this information here.
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  • heros are changed somehow in dungeon.....I was using 5 star ghost rider, Thor and Rogue and somehow my heros are become 4 star spider-man(symbiote), moon night and 2 star Ultron......who'd use a 2 star Ultorn to dungeon 6.....
    Am i the only one who heve this BUG?
  • So I was doing Dungeon 5 with my 4* Cap IW, Ultron and Wasp and, upon entering room 5 my game crashes. I return to dungeon and suddenly my team changed from the said champions to a 5* rank 1 lv 1 yellow jacket, 3* quake and 3* ultron!
  • hello, I had a bug in the dungeon. The team was Blade, Mephisto and Hulk Ragnarok, then an error occurred and I was thrown out, I rebooted and the team was an ant man, a classic spider and an abomination 2 * !!?ma24qpf26zz6.png
  • Finished room 1 game restarts my champs have been switched out with 2 an 3 star champs and we’re in room 3 what happened?iq7yo68zubfe.jpeg
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    I just had the exact same thing happen.
  • Same issue happened to me, also one time I just couldn't move, when I restarted the game I couldn't access the dungeon room again, everytime I pressed continue it took me back to home screen.
  • So went into a Dungeon level 6 with my Trinity team of Blade, GR and Sparky. After 2nd room we got an message saying there was an error but the game restarted back into the Dungeon. Except...all wasn’t exactly right.....



    Well played Kabam
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    Suits your name....
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    That's unusual.
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    1* hawkeye? I didn't know he existed lol
  • Pretty outrageous actually
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    @Glitchy_McGlitch best glitch I have seen in some time lol. After the dungeon were both sets of champs unavailable or just the second set?
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    oh wowww
  • Working as intended.

    Will be closing this thread now.
  • I was in the middle of dungeons in room 3 when I got an error on loading dungeons. When I reloaded my champions got switched. I had a 5/50 blade, 5/50 GR and 4/45 Rulk. Then suddenly I got switched to 3 3star champions. This error costed my dungeon partner and I dungeon points, cooling off time with our champions. Please fix this kabam and refund mez7g8tp8f9r9v.jpg
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    I had the same. Contacted the in game team who said compensation may be available via enhancements link but they don't have a way of tracing the issue back to me.
  • Of course both sets of champs were then unavailable
  • That's ironic. Lol
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    Um What?
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    had this exact bug happen to me once during last month's dungeons. Replaced my top champs with random rank 1's after we got to Room 2.
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