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    IanMoone wrote: »
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    The Scorpion and Sandman; both have history with Venom.

    These won't come around until Spiderman: Far From Home

    Most likely but i do see them doing a celebrity challenge next month with all the spidermans lol

    With spidergwen as boss lol
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    How long can kabam milk thor Ragnarok?

    Odin, loki(knives), valkyrie, skurge and surtur are some options.

    Maybe even Fenrir, why not?

    The new trinity will be thor rags, hulk rags and valkyrie and it shall be called the Revengers
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    IanMoone wrote: »
    IanMoone wrote: »
    I reckon riot and anti venom

    Anti-venom cant as its tied to Agent Venom story

    We have Classic Cap, WW2 Cap, And cap IW, and need I mention classic, miles, and symbiote spidey...

    Well ya but symbiote spidey and miles were brought in before Age of Ultron storyline invasion ever since kabam been doing tie ins to the films and even if there are no films they need to find a perfect window to bring Anti-Venom and right now it aint that time

    Bringing in Anti-Venom now makes as much sense as Green Goblin and Doc Ock when Homecoming came out.

    Two characters, btw, which were not modeled after any film version.
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    ManTyme wrote: »
    No champs will be added that has to do with venom. It is sonys movie and not part of the MCU


    Sure about that?

    Also, what's with the giant set of unknowns on the bottom right? Is that just a set of extras that they'll put in later on?

    What is the probabilities of either DC or Runaways characters?

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    Dude way off topic but i want thor infinity war soo bad in this game. Id drop soo much cash on those crystals. But riot and eddie brock will be the champs. Eddie will be mystic and the symbiote will act mystical. Lmao.
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