Dungeons will return on 10/22 [Edited by mod for clarity]

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Dungeons will return again. So if i play the last part would i be able to get enough for 1 crystal or did i miss out by not playing the first 2 parts of the 3 part Dungeon Series?
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  • @IanMoone89 the dungeon artifacts are a permanent currency like glory, units, etc. So you will be able to get a crystal at some point regardless. But two cycles are enough I believe if you hit all the milestones.
  • I'm glad it will carry over. I was excited about their returns, but I've been working on the house. I'm at 3k now because most days, I just drop after working. Lol.
  • I know artifacts will carry over but I want to know whether these dark artifacts will carry over even after the 3rd part of dungeons? For even future dungeons?
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    @Kabam Miike 👆🏻 I’d like to know this also ... well the artefacts carry over too the next dungeons event ?
  • @Kabam Miike the last round of dungeons saw much more variety in terms of what could be purchased with your artifacts, awakening stones t2a shards etc where as this time round it is limited to hero crystals and dungeon potions only. Is there plans to introduce more variety into the store again going forward. I for one would like to see the awakening stones return as i am sure would other players.

    Look forward to your reply, thx.
  • Artifacts were only ever used to purchase Champs. Infinity Dust was used for other things.
  • Basically i'm screwed lol
  • Yea you will be able to get a4 star but not a 5
  • Yea you will be able to get a4 star but not a 5

    The current one ends october 2 so i still have time tho
  • @GroundedWisdom good point lol, i forgot about the dust. So what we need then is more dusr 😃
  • Dust*
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