Who Are Your Best And Worst Champions Of Each Class?

DLegendDLegend Posts: 745 ★★★
Best: Iceman. Helps against champs that evade.

Worst: Magneto Marvel Now. Red Mags is better.

Best: Gwenpool. Sp2 = power lock for the whole fight if you can keep the bleeds going.

Worst: Karnak. Sp1 leaves an open space for enemy to attack.

Best: Quake. My tool against Juggs and Magik.

Worst: Spider Gwen. Really useless sp1. Other than the evade triggered from it.


Best: Dr Voodoo. Really great power control champ. Poison shreds enemies to death.

Worst: None. People would say Loki, but he has some crazy utilities.


Best: Drax. Fury + Bleed = Brutal

Worst: Carnage. Worst champ in the whole game since he has no utility and low base stats.


Best: Spiderman (Stark Enhanced). Best champ in the game at the moment since he has superior damage output and utility.

Worst: Iron Patriot. Sig ability is underwhelming, making him worse than IM.


  • Stark78AlfaStark78Alfa Posts: 502
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    Just pointing out that I just got my first 5 star... So I'm a noob, but can talk about what has been more helpfull to me so far.

    Mutant :

    Best : Wolverine.
    Worst : Colossus

    Skill :

    Best : Gwen Pool (I don't have a 4 star... but my 3 star has a place in my team when I need a skill champion).
    Worst : DD netflix


    Best :

    Worst :


    Best : Thor.
    Drax, Phoenix and Gamora also have helped me a lot.

    Worst :
    Kamala. I don't have a Carnage.


    Best :
    Civil Warrior and Ultron are the best I have.

    Worst :
    Rocky Racuum (I don't know how to play whit him... I take a lot of damage... Yeah, I know his Special 2 is a killer one... but I'm still learning how to parry and evade).


    Best :
    Ghost Rider (with him I stopped just pushing the screen and started thinking ahead in the fight).

    Worst :
    Iron Fist.
  • GunzoGunzo Posts: 719 ★★
    Best: Wolverine/X23
    Worst: Old Man Logan

    Best: Crossbones(My personal opinion)
    Worst: Netflix Daredevil

    Best: Quake
    Worst: She Hulk/Spidergwen

    Best: Doctor Voodoo/SW
    Worst: Jane Thor(she's not too bad but many other champs are better)

    Best: Hyperion
    Worst: Carnage

    Best: Ultron(there, I said it!Star Lord is only good for RoL and LoL)
    Worst: My first 5*, Green GoblinIron Patriot
  • TheManMythLegendTheManMythLegend Posts: 3,741 ★★★★★
    Best: X23! my go to champ no matter what class! shes just awesome
    Worst: Magneto MN nuff said

    Mystic: How can anyone pick a fav when most of them are so awesome!!
    Worst: DS! at one point the best, now the worst...

    Best: WW2
    Worst: abom so boring to use, and so easy to beat

    Best: Crossbones! makes for a very quick match against science!
    Worst: Falcon or DD netflix

    Best: SL/RR depending on the match. Sl for longer, RR for quick kills
    Worst: Hulkbuster!!

    Best: Hyperion. only have him as a 3* and he still my fav
    Worst: Carnage....
  • Pry22Pry22 Posts: 136
    all the best will now get nerfed like Thor, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow. Great post
  • A_Noob_Is1A_Noob_Is1 Posts: 762 ★★
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    Best: x23
    Worst: duped Colossus

    Best: duped x bones
    Worst: no one

    Best: Quake
    Worst: red hulk and duped antman

    Best: No one
    Average: Guillotine
    Worst: the rest of the mystics since i dont have dorm,mordo,hood, or JF

    Best: Duped SS
    Worst: Ronan and duped groot(who can be ok at times)

    Best: duped starlord
    Worst: duped HB and duped WM
  • MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,238 ★★★
    Best: Old man Logan
    Worst: unduped colossus.

    Best: Winter soldier/BW
    Worst: Don't really have one

    Best: hulk or ww2 cap
    Worst: abomination

    Best: DS
    Worst: unduped iron fist

    Best: Ms Marvel/duped ronan but only for certain fights.
    Worst: unduped sim

    Best: Star lord
    Worst: unduped iron patriot
  • adqqedfyvradqqedfyvr Posts: 463
    Best: Archangel (because he's badass), maybe wolverine/ x 23/ nightcrawler
    Worst: Colossus

    Best: Gwenpool
    Worst: Karnak

    Best: Miles morales/ red hulk
    Worst: spider gwen

    Best: Mordo (personal preference) or Dormmammu
    Worst: Dr strange (after nerf)

    Best: Hyperion
    Worst: Venom, Carnage or Gamora

    Best: Spiderman (stark enhanced)
    Worst: Iron man (unduped)/ iron patriot
  • mostlyharmlessnmostlyharmlessn Posts: 858 ★★★
    Best: Wolverine
    Worst: Deadpool X

    Best: Agent Venom
    Worst: Karnak

    Best: WW2
    Worst: Spidergwen

    Best: Ghost Rider
    Worst: Dr. Strange (He'd been Kabamed to uselessness)

    Best: Drax
    Worst: Kamala

    Best: Vision (not Age of Ultron)
    Worst: IM/IP/HB Take your pick they are all equally bad.

  • TheSOURATheSOURA Posts: 674
    Dark wrote: »
    @DLegend The secret agent of Kabam nerf team gathering information

  • ScottryanScottryan Posts: 374
    Im just saying the best i have, not the best in general

    Skill: best: Karnak, r5: wicked crit rate and shuts evade champs down
    Worst: BW: only at r2 and not dupped

    Mutant: best: Beast r5: excelent champ, wiched bleed, good regen and power reduction. My r5 x23 is a close second
    Worst: cyclops (red): yellow one does the same stuff but better

    Mystic: best: 5* r4 gilly: altough she is not dupped ahe packs a punch and her bleeds destroy. Her anti regen is alao very useful in certain situations
    Worst: scarlet witch: great champ but mine is r3 and not dupped....so not so much

    Cosmic: best: r5 hyperion. Good champ, wicked damage. Amazing power gain and excelent on O or D
    Worst: probably my 4* venom. Not dupped and low rank

    Science: best: r4 cap. Altough only r4 he can block for days. He also is one of those champs that can utilise low level revives as his perfect block chance goes up the lower his health
    Worst: joe fixit: low level, undupped.....and its joe

    Tech: best: r5 vision. Power contol. I also got punisher 2099 who is excelent form arena but he stays in untill i r5 him when i get my next t4 tech
    Worst: HB. R3, undupped, pretty useless honestly
  • Mr_OtterMr_Otter Posts: 1,614 ★★★
    Best: Nightcrawler! Insane damage and amazing in defense… Wolvy is close second

    Worst: White Magneto or OML they both blow

    Best: I'm gonna say Hawkeye for his L1

    Worst: Black widow (UNDUPED!!!)

    Best HULK! Just HULK! Damage and stun chain

    Worst: Spider Gwen or LC… hard call one can hit rather okay but sucks and the other can take all the hits but sucks

    Best: VooDoo or Magik for obvious reasons

    Worst: Iron Fist or Doctor Strange

    Best: Thor

    Worst GROOT!

    Best: Star Lord or Vision (depends on what I need)

    Worst: Hulkbuster or War Machine
  • KoperBoyKoperBoy Posts: 210 ★★
    I'll post just the best as worst still have some narrow uses (Joe Fixit for example - the only poison immune who can inflict bleed).

    For me, champs have to deal good amount of damage AND have good utility. Most champs can do either one or the other, so the best ones are those who can do both...with Starlord as an exception because damage wise, every other champ is faaar behind him.


    Best: Archangel over Wolverine due to his crazy damage and great utility


    Gwenpool. Crazy damage and great utility.


    Cap WW2. Literally can't die and has nice bleed to boot.


    Dr. Voodoo, for obivous reasons (look over Mutant and Skill reasons...)


    Hyperion. Cosmics are mostly damage machines with little utility, so I had to go with best damage dealer. Sorry Thor.


    Starlord. I really don't understand people who name other champs here.
  • Atomic_WolfAtomic_Wolf Posts: 59
    edited October 2017
    Mystic: Guillotine/Magik - Juggernaut
    Cosmic: Hyperion - Kamala Khan
    Tech: Star Lord - Howard
    Mutant: Nightcrawler - Colossus
    Skill: Hawkeye - Karnak
    Science: Captain American WW2 - Joe Fix-It

    Magneto Marvel Now used to be good until they got rid of one of his bleeds during Special 1. Personally I like using Netflix DD because of his perfect blocking, stuns, and armor breaks.
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  • Alpha07Alpha07 Posts: 649 ★★
    Best - Gwenpool. high attack and duped can defeat opponents like Spidey or Magik. and can save you from a SP3.
    Worst - none.

    Best - Quake. she can KO without even hitting her opponent.
    Worst - Ant Man. hits like a girl and his sig is not very useful.

    Best - Ghost Rider. has Regeneration and a lot of attack with his sig. also can drain power with his SP2. what else can i ask for?
    Worst - if i had to chose one, i'd say Juggernaut or Unst. Colossus. they are only useful for defense.

    Best - My personal favourite is Spider Man (Symbiote Suit). he crits more often, stack armor breaks then do an SP2. you instant KO your opponent. excellent champ.
    Worst - Carnage. his crits at 4/40 are at the most of 300-600. wth?

    Best - Ultron.
    Worst- Hulkbuster.

    Best - Wolverine or Iceman.
    Worst - Colossus.
  • Alfa_PigeonAlfa_Pigeon Posts: 229
    Best- OG Punisher,
    Worst- Unduped Black Widow

    Best- WW2 Cap
    Worst- Unduped Antman

    Best- Voodoo/SW duped
    Worst- Loki

    Best- can't choose between Hyperion/Thor/Ms. Marvel
    Worst: Kamala Khan

    Worst: Iron Patriot

    Best: Rogue
    Worst: Magneto Marvel Now
  • Josh2PlayJosh2Play Posts: 115
    @DLegend Uuhhh just as a PSA, you can cancel the SP1 animation with karnak by just moving or blocking so i don't think he deserves worst Skill champion
  • GunzoGunzo Posts: 719 ★★
    @DLegend Please don't tell Kabam this or they'll release patch 12.0 twice
  • xenu12xenu12 Posts: 43
    i'm taking this as best and worst that i actually have, not sure if that's what you meant

    best science: eh cap ww2 i guess, pretty underwhelming class overall imo
    worst science: sg

    best skill: xbones
    worst skill: karnak, although i don't get the leaving open for getting hit after s1 thing, i don't have that issue

    best mutant: rogue (x23 with an honorable mention bt she's unuped)
    worst mutant: old man logan

    best cosmic: gotta go thor, haven't used hyperion enough to overthrow the god of thunder yet. maybe changing my mind soon
    worst cosmic: superior ironman

    best tech: starlord
    worst tech: hulkbuster

    best mystic: sw, although dv may change that when i get him to r5
    worst mystic: ds, rip sorcerer supreme
  • Timone147Timone147 Posts: 1,207 ★★★★
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    Mystic: Magik/SW - IF
    Cosmic: Thor - Groot(undupped)
    Tech: Vision- Hulkbuster(3/4/5 * all awakened lol)
    Mutant: Rogue - Mags(undupped 4/5 *just no use for him)
    Skill: BW - Moon Knight
    Science: Cap WW2- Shehulk/Spidergwen/fixit(have all the other **** ones too)
  • Yellow: best Wolverine - worst Colossus
    Red: best Crossbones - worst Daredevil Netflix
    Green: best Hulk - worst... so much of them, science is the worst class on game. Spider Gwen, She-Hulk, Antman, Luke Cage.
    Purple: best - many champs, as mystic is the best class, unlike science. Voodoo, Ghost Rider, Magik, Mordo, Dormammu are all great. Worst - OG Iron Fist, the white one has better sig ability.
    Light blue: Best - Hyperion by far, worst - hmm, cosmic is the second worst in game after science. Black Bolt, Kamala Khan, Carnage.
    Blue: best - Star-Lord, worst - Hulkbuster.
  • mum_m2mum_m2 Posts: 1,774 ★★★★
    It depends on Offense Defense

    Mutant O
    Wolverine X-23
    Mutant D

    Skill O
    Skill D

    Science O
    Science D

    Mystic O
    Mystic D

    Cosmic O
    Hyperion/Ms. Marvel
    Cosmic D

    Tech O
    Starlord/New Spiderman
    Tech D

    Worst is Easy though
    mutant - I think Cyclops...not sorry to say it either
    Skill - Karnak
    Science - Unawakened Ant-Man/Spidergwen
    Mystic - None of them really but Iron Fist seems to be the only one I know of that can't truly mess with people the way other mystics can.
    Cosmic - Khan
    Tech - Hulkbuster

  • Best:
    Cosmic: Hyperion (Stun, incinerate, power gain are awesome)
    Tech: Yondu (Cuz he's the best of all my tech)
    Mutant: Nightcrawler (Evade, bleed)
    Skill: Maybe Crossbones (He's better than Karnak and Black Panther)
    Science: Quake (That aftershock pops out suddenly and stuns others)
    Mystic: Guillotine (Bleed, long range attacks)

    Cosmic: Gamora (Bleed is almost useless)
    Tech: Iron Man (Armor + Armor Break. Are you kidding?)
    Mutant: Colossus (Armor + Bleed Immunity. Total waste)
    Skill: Karnak (Two useless abilities, nothing special)
    Science: Rhino, maybe? (All my science are pretty good)
    Mystic: Dormammu (That mystical shield for block makes me confused, sometimes slow the game down)

    Conclusion: My champions are pretty good... Except for those listed above as worst.
  • TheMageHunterTheMageHunter Posts: 711 ★★
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    Best - Archangel
    Worst - Don't really have one


    Best - Gwenpool
    Worst - none, all have their utilities


    Best - Hulk
    Worst - Joe fixit (very bad base stats)


    Best - Mordo
    Worst - Iron fist (DR killed him)


    Best - Cap Marvel
    Worst - KK (I like my carbage)


    Best - Yondu
    Worst - IP (duped him 4 times)
  • WafflesalldayWafflesallday Posts: 189
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    Mutant best Archangel worst Magento (either one)

    Skill best Gwenpool worst don’t know, never had Karnak

    Science best hulk worst Luke cage

    Space best Hyperion worst Shaka Kahn

    Tech best Starlord worst Hulkbuster

    Mystical best Magik worst Loki

    I would rather have IP than Hulkbuster, easily
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