Got Banned Without Reason

I just say it straight, in our alliance we have a friend who coming back fully in game action after a year, before 2-3 days we faced one alliance in AW and that friend just beat 3/45 medusa with 4* 3/30, he got few KO but he beat her anyhow so our opponent can't believe and they reported to kabam that we just violating terms of whatever kabam had.
We lost that war but we always stand strong all the time but this time those cry babies reported to kabam that we cheat and kamab just down our war rating and reward rating of season.
My Question is why kabam just took steps against us directly without defense our selves because we are so hard in AW and spents lot of items, time and all, we know that we didn't cheat and kabam have to be dip dive in these times of nonsense report and if kabam didn't they just lost lot of community in Game.


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