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Map 6 - Gold 1 moving to Platinum 4


Our alliance have missed Platinum 4 due to Time Zone Issues & failing to log in. So we are looking to recruit for the next season going ahead and running Map 6 in all battle groups in AQ.

If you can run map 6 then left me know, you can get me on LineApp as maskofgotham1 or search me in game as MaskOfGotham.

We are recruiting once the season ends to see how you work in Quest and War heading into the new season.


  • MaskOfGotham1MaskOfGotham1 Posts: 35
    We really want someone to be as active as possible, real life will take priority.

    But if you can commit then we want to hear from you.

    Send me your top champs on line app And the officers will discuss.
  • triplecoktriplecok Posts: 6
    Cant not find your stupid id. kidding?
  • MaskOfGotham1MaskOfGotham1 Posts: 35
    Line app Maskofgotham1 and in game Mask Of Gotham
  • MaskOfGotham1MaskOfGotham1 Posts: 35
    Changes for our alliance coming Friday. If you’re interested get in touch,
  • MaskOfGotham1MaskOfGotham1 Posts: 35
    1 needed let me know if you want map 6 and platinum 4
  • MaskOfGotham1MaskOfGotham1 Posts: 35
    Ladies and gents we are recruiting 3 people to join our alliance before the next season.

    You must be able to clear paths in Map 6. If you lie we literally see it in phase one of the map,

    So if you are map 6 and want to join a Gold 1 headed for platinum 4 in the next season, message me on line app Maskofgotham1
  • MaskOfGotham1MaskOfGotham1 Posts: 35
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