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    #BuffHulkbuster! My 5* would be actually useful
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    Greetings Summoners!

    It’s almost time for you to choose the next Champion to receive an update!

    As we grow closer to releasing the updates for Colossus and Old Man Logan, we’re very excited to get started on the next round of updates.

    We’ve selected 6 Champions from 4 Classes (Sorry Mutants, you just got 2 updated Champions) that we see are underperforming through data and your feedback. From October 11th at 1pm PDT until October 12th at 1pm PDT, you’ll be able to Vote on which Champion you’d like to see get an update in a Poll on the Forums.

    Here are the Choices!

    Abomination (#BuffAbomination)
    Daredevil (#BuffDaredevil)
    Hulk-Buster (#BuffHulkBuster)
    Iron Man (#BuffIronMan)
    Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) (#BuffKamala)
    Black Panther (#BuffBlackPanther)

    You’ll notice that some of these Champions weren’t one of the choices last round, and that some of the previous choices have been replaced. We have a larger list of Champions that we would like to tackle than just these listed, and want to work through them all over time. Don’t worry, those other Champs can come back in a future pool.

    We can only guarantee that the Champion that receives the most votes will receive an update, but if time permits, our design team may choose to select another Champion that they would like to update.

    After the vote, our team will start work to come up with an update, test it internally, put it through a Beta test, revise, and release the new update over the coming months.

    Who do you want to see get the next Champion update? Let us and your fellow Summoners know! But don’t just tell us who, tell us why, and get ready for Voting day!

    NOTE: Your choices do not include Daredevil (Classic) or Black Panther (Civil War).

    I think it would be beneficial to have a mystic option in there.
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    I want Hulkbuster to be buffed, but in my opinion it's quite difficult to buff him without a complete revamp. Daredevil Netflix on the other hand has a lot of potential, many concepts can be taken from the series. For Iron Man, his abilities mainly come from all the suits he has. A persistent charge mechanic could be introduced similar to Stealth Suit Spidey's, but instead of web cartridges, it will be different suits of armour, for example, Mark 6, Mark 42 and Mark 47.
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    #buffhulkbuster please 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • #BuffKamala
  • #BuffIronman
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    #BuffHulkBuster and #BuffBlackPanther
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    Yeaaah I think it makes the most sense going with #BuffHulkBuster. I’m sure he’s my next 6* pull anyways lol.
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    Thinking about it more, it has to be HB. Only champ in both the 5* and 6* crystal and is usable in all the Variants.
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    I wonder how many of the Hulkbuster supporters pulled him as a 6*.
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    andbarpar said:


    Why? He is used as synergy for She-Hulk and right now useless. Getting buffed will help a lot on this synergy.

    Why not hulkbuster?
    He’ll be a defensive champion. Even colossus is not that great now after the buff

    Why not kamala khan?
    She’s already useful, the improvements will not be as high as the other champs.

    Why not iron man?
    It could be an option but we already have an iron man infinity war version.

    Ps: I have all those champions duped, besides Daredevil, so I’m really unbiased on this argument.

    But what rank is your she-hulk? I’m just worried his buff would make one of his existing abilities really useful. Then a couple months later when people are using said ability to clear difficult content Kabam claims that he was never intended to have said ability that he’s had since his release and removes it. Never mind. That’d never happen....
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    Why no mystics @Kabam Miike ?
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    My choice would be Kamala Khan first, hulkbuster second.

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    #BuffHulkBuster He really needs it, and he is cool af
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    edited October 8
    How is this even a discussion lol?

    Hulkbuster is the only one that is even available as a 6*.

    KK is a poison immune that can nullify all buffs and can hit decently hard. Only available as a 5*
    OG Iron Man at least has a pretty big regen on his sig ability. Only available as a 5*
    NF DD is dookie but only available as a 5*
    OG BP isn't complete trash, bleeds do some decent work. Only available as a 5*
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    Sure enough, HULKBUSTER deserves an update on this list, because indirectly both the classic iron man and black panther with their versions based on the infinite war movie have already had a big improvement, Daredevil netflix doesn't deserve, in the His place was to be the classic Daredevil, kamala khan is not that bad, since the Abominable has good stamina, hits hard and has poison, now HULKBUSTER, his blows are outdated, and so he needs to hit head on with Hulk, because the way it is, no more !!
    Not to mention that GG size technology champion only has HULKBUSTER and the Sentry, so having only 2 GG size technology champions, HULKBUSTER deserves more than anyone on this list!
  • BoostergoldrulzBoostergoldrulz Posts: 74

    In that order. Iron man and Hulkbuster should not be as weak as they are currently.
    There are mystic champs in desperate need of buffs, btw.

    A lot of the buffs and new characters out lately are armor break immune. I get that immunity, but old champions like OG Spider-Man, Ironman, Hulkbuster, Daredevil, Iron Patriot and iron fist are completely thrown away because that is their sole source of damage. I think there needs to be an app-wide update like 12.0 to make these old characters viable in one fell swoop, or remove them from the crystal pool because they can't take down new characters they supposedly have a class advantage. Some newer characters are stuck in this rut. For example: Thor Ragnarok's whole skillset (shock and armor break) has zero advantage against Thing and his immunities. Daredevil can't survive against Thing. Both Thor Ragnarok and Daredevil should have the advantage, but they are essentially impotent and neutered against colossus (buffed) and Thing and others. Like i said before: update those characters all at once or remove them from the crystal pool as viable characters. If you've identified them as needing buffs they should have been removed back at the 12.0 update as you made way for the new regime. Also, 6 stars have been around for a while now, we should have the option to remove these obsolete 5* champions from our rosters. The lockdown needs to go away. This is just practical feedback, no negativity, I think that this slow drip of buffing these champions would go away of these relatively obsolete characters went away. You could replace,say, og spider-man in everyone's roster with stealth spider-man, remove him from the game entirely and reinvent the character as classic spider-man to be re-introduced later. This circumvents the introduction of obscure characters like Aarkus and revamps interest in relevant heroes like iron man. It's just code, really, so it can happen.
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    Burro said:

    I wonder how many of the Hulkbuster supporters pulled him as a 6*.

    I've got him as a R1 4*, along with KK, Daredevil, and others, so that doesn't really matter. I think HB is the best choice due to:
    a. Being arguably the worst champ in the game, certainly the worst on this list
    b. Having actually kinda cool animations. Especially the SP3.
    c. Tech or Skill should be buffed more than any class except Mystic. They've both got a couple really good champs and everyone else sucks.
    d. He's very old
    e. He's XL for V2 and Tech for V3.
    Also MCU Hulkbuster beat Hulk. The Mk 2 HB beat Cull. He should be really cool, but isn't.
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    Daredevil would be my choice, he has a good foundation, the numbers are just not there. I do have some suggestions that maybe people can get behind on:

    • Body Armor Passive: Reduce damage from bleeds and physical attacks by 45%, energy resistance -15%, 30% critical resistance.
    • 80% Block Proficiency and a 70% chance to perfect block if the enemy is suffering a Bruised debuff, against energy attacks -25% Block Proficiency and perfect block chance.
    • 50% chance to dodge incoming projectile attacks, chance is doubled if the enemy is under a Bruised debuff.
    • 85% chance to armor break with regular attacks, if 5 armor breaks are placed while stunned and with a precision buff, you inflict a Bruised passive debuff for 9 seconds.

    While Bruised the enemy suffers from:
    • 10% critical resistance and block penetration reduction
    • 666 increased attack rating while stunned
    • 70% offensive ability reduction

    SP1: Gain a permanent passive precision buff, increasing critical chance by 40%, 3 sec stun. (this precision buff can't stack and is lost if you are hit, affected by a debuff or you use a special attack), if bruised it pauses it.

    SP2: Inflicts disorient reducing defensive ability accuracy by 70% and block proficiency by 50%, if bruised it pauses it.

    SP3: Automatically inflicts a Bruised debuff for 9 sec, if the enemy is stunned and you have a precision debuff, the length is doubled, if bruised it pauses it.

    Still working on what his signature ability could be, but I would like it to be something that gives him special attack evasion chance and true strike.
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    My thoughts on all 6 champs to vote :)
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    Lvernon15 said:

    Seriously, no mystic option? The community has been begging for good mystic champs and now we don’t get the option to buff any? I mean I’m glad to see chanps getting buffs and the community getting somewhat of a say, but the pool needs improvement

    Mystic is already plenty strong, compared to the others. The only ones that may be due are UC, Juggs, and Mordo. Highly doubt those will be on the list, at least until the likes of Magneto and Cyclops join the list as well.
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