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Community's Choice: Champion Update Poll



  • FlamingOrientFlamingOrient Posts: 11
    Would be cool if Kabam made Hulkbuster awesome and a god against XL Champs @Kabam Miike seems obvious now that size matters the beefy boy killah needs a super buff - 6* Hulkbuster FTW
  • MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 837 ★★★
    Hulk buster. But buff his offensive abilities.
  • MisterKing13MisterKing13 Posts: 76

    Ya everyone vote hulkbuster because seatin said so! Don't think for yourselves 🙄

    But just because people vote in HB means that is because of Seatin
  • ImmortalisImmortalis Posts: 8
    edited October 2019
    Poison is so underutilized in the game, I’d love to see an abomination buff. It’s gona be hulkbuster, but it’d be cool to see what they could do
  • JozielPNJozielPN Posts: 91
    Hulkbuster or Daredevil! Let's go! :)
  • EarthEliteEarthElite Posts: 879 ★★★
    Eh, Daredevil will probably be buffed as well along with Hulkbuster
  • CallmelaFleurCallmelaFleur Posts: 216
    Knillink said:

    Watch KT1's video. He's right, Hulkbuster will still probably only be a defensive champ, OG Ironman needs the buff and can potentially be a good offensive and defensive champ.

    Have you ran a 6* hulkbuster with the Starky synergy? That special damage is no joke.
  • #buffhulkbuster
  • Scoobers40Scoobers40 Posts: 100
    Mjdog said:

    Do NOT vote HB. He will be a defender nightmare in content and wars. He will never be a good offensive champ.

    That's what I'm hoping for him to be a nightmare and I have said all along when he gets buffed. HB has his use on offense, I would know lol. Hopefully they don't reduce the sp3 damage output.
  • Mobius360Mobius360 Posts: 62
    I'd really love to see what ideas they have for Daredevil. I know he's not likely to win this vote but sure hoping the development team decides to buff at least two of the six.
  • EarthEliteEarthElite Posts: 879 ★★★
    I feel bad for abomination
  • _nelynel_nelynel Posts: 10
    edited October 2019
    we over here voting for a new champ to be buffed... yet I’m still waiting for the recently buffed champs to be released !!!
  • JohnHSJohnHS Posts: 509 ★★★
    Looks like HB's got this in the bag.
  • ShipWrecQShipWrecQ Posts: 1
    HulkBuster. He is one of my only 2 six stars so he gets my vote.
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 13,302 Guardian
    I made the case elsewhere and won't repeat all the details, but tags don't matter, because defensive tagged champs aren't always good defenders, and not even defensive:tank champs are always good defenders. Tanks are okay defenders, counter-attackers are the absolute best and nastiest defenders. Hulkbuster has damage mitigation. Damage mitigation never killed anyone. Daredevil has passive evade. Passive evade effects have killed a giant mountain of players.

    Plus, practically every champ that has been reworked recently has had major offensive upgrades that made them good to great attackers. Red Hulk, She Hulk, Spider Gwen, Venom. And most recently people were saying the same thing about Colossus: he's just a tank and will be turned into an otherwise useless defender. But that didn't seem to be the case during the beta for him.

    In fact, Venom is tagged as a defensive tank, just like Hulkbuster. Did he turn into an otherwise useless defender?
  • Shooter708Shooter708 Posts: 14
    Why are we voting again when the last champs voted on haven’t been release yet?
  • nebneb Posts: 432 ★★★
    Anyone else feel like these polls are predetermined? Everyone knew colossus would win the last one and we all knew hb would win this one. I kinda think that's why groot and iron patriot were removed because the fix was in, hb was already decided to win
  • Guy, vote Kamala, no one in the game has less love then her, she is what everyone is afraid to open in crystals because she is so weak and useless now.
  • EarthEliteEarthElite Posts: 879 ★★★
    edited October 2019

    This is how he should look and a whopping 15 people agree with me #BuffAbomination
  • Knillink said:

    Watch KT1's video. He's right, Hulkbuster will still probably only be a defensive champ, OG Ironman needs the buff and can potentially be a good offensive and defensive champ.

    Hulkbuster can be an offensive champ aswell as being defensive, and much more people have 5 or 6 star hulkbusters than Daredevils or Iron man. Plus we already have IMIW and Daredevil is a decent collector counter
    You must be an infant to think that Hulkbuster is going to be a valuable offensive champ. He’s going to be defensive 110%. Your point about people having more Hulkbusters than Daredevils is a bit obscure also. I haven’t seen anyone here mention that he would be a good use for the 3-4 2015 Tech gems if he gets buffed, but Star-Lord and OG Vision probably will be, and continue to be the best uses for that gem. Anyone who votes Hulkbuster is either doing it for their own personal gain because they have a Hulkbuster, or are so deluded to not see that they’re shooting themselves, and everyone else, in the foot by doing so. #BuffDaredevil

  • tkhan08tkhan08 Posts: 189 ★★
    edited October 2019

    tkhan08 said:

    Even if HB gets buffed up, he would be useless. He is one of the least enjoyable character to play with.

    I don't agree with that at all and the point of getting a buff is improving the champs mechanics. Do you not understand what we are voting on today? we are trying to make him a playable character by changing him lol. Like seriously read this and then look at you what you said 😂
    He will never be enjoyable. His character design is so that he will always be clunky. It is naive to think that kabam will make him offensive character. I have him too but I ain't voting for him. IM, DD, BP have more potential.

    Voters like you will be crying later on when you die by HB in aw, aq, quests etc. Just because you couldn't think it throw. Most are voting for him just because they have him. When he is buffed up, do let me know how much your roster changed.
  • SainttSaintt Posts: 2
    Daredevil needs a buff badly, let's give it to him!
  • DarthPancakesDarthPancakes Posts: 11
    Tough choices. At first I thought hulkbuster but I think people have a good point in not voting for someone that will likely be more of a defender. DD, iron man and black panther are prob the best choices. Wtf they didn’t include magneto again? Could have made this poll a lot easier.
  • Turkey_Tone83Turkey_Tone83 Posts: 68
    BP should get the buff. Already a good Iron Man (IW) too many good techs the skill class is lacking behind most bar Blade and Aegon. Plus with BP being a major player in the MCoC you'd think he'd get more abilities than Corvus, Cull, Havok, Thing, even Korg is better and he's done nothing for MCoC 😂😂😂
  • Roguefrogger13Roguefrogger13 Posts: 292

    Ya everyone vote hulkbuster because seatin said so! Don't think for yourselves 🙄

    Actually I didn't even know that and that's not why I'm voting for Hulkbuster, however I bet you can figure out why I am after you look at the screenshot below...
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