Medusa Armor break bug

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Hello, My in-game name is ImAJani.
I was exploring my act 5 and my team was
4* medusa max Sig with max level
6* anegla unduped
5* venom unduped
5* spiderman ( stark enhanced) duped
5* blade duped
I didn't active any boost and i was not using suicide mastery
So my problem is
While i was fighting against act 5 Ultron classic i brought my medusa and i parry him and used my combo attack (light attack, light attack and then medium attack). I did this twice time but she didn't break his Armor in my combo then i gave him special 1 so she didn't shattered his Armor because she didn't break is Armor in above combo attack which i used and for that Armor bug i got ko. even I wasted my unit to revive her after revive still she didn't break his Armor then i quite it even my full energy bar got wasted too😡
So what should i do now my resources got waste ?
I will wait for my reply
Thank you👍🏻


  • LaVarBBBLaVarBBB Posts: 81
    I’m not too sure what you mean, but are you saying that she’s not applying armour breaks? You need to medium attack to apply armour break debuffs instead of using light attacks. Get to 6 armour breaks then you apply armour shatter

  • Ronnie0107Ronnie0107 Posts: 2
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    Yes i know but to get 6 Armor break i can't break Armor with her see special 1 break 4 Armor and this was my strategic
    I parry Ultron ok then my combo was
    Light attack, light attack then medium attack after parry
    In this she break 2 Armor right.
    I repeated my combo twice time after i got my special 1 power bar so I parry him gave my combo (2 Armor break) then i used my special power 1 (4 Armor break ) total 6 Armor break but she didn't break his Armor when i was using my combo attack (light ,light then medium attack)
    You understand now what i'm trying to say?

  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 3,246 ★★★★
    I think your method is too long haha, just use (medium, medium) combo then special power 1 should be enough to armor shatter normally.
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 3,246 ★★★★
    @Ronnie0107 maybe because you took a longer than necessary combo to get the first 2 armor breaks, then by the time you use the special 1 your first armor break expired leaving you unable to armor shatter.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,336 ★★★★★
    1. Why are you using a light light medium combo? You aren’t even finishing your combo with that
    2. Because of having to land 2 rounds of combos the first armour break is likely expiring before the last armour break in the s1 applys
  • If you are trying LLM and immediate repeat LLM (without any delay, retreat, parry, etc inbetween), then it is probably acting like a LLMLL Combo, combo ends after 4th L at anytime or 2nd M at anytime. (and so 2nd M may or may not be registered).

    Just do MM, or MLM, or MLLM, or MLLLM. Or even LLMLM if you really like starting out with L attacks as 1st hit. Any of those, immediately followed by your SP1.
  • MadcatMadcat Posts: 385 ★★★
    Not that anyone can see this response other than mods, but I will respond anyways.

    They are right in that your combo method is too long and your mediums are too far in between in order to keep enough armor breaks on until your L1 is finished. M-M and L1 will guarantee an armor shatter on your opponent. However, be aware that Medusa is bugged presently and after the first shatter, Ultron's abilities may not be shut down. If you have Loki, his L3 into L1s to keep his hex on might be a more reliable method.
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