Persistent charges broken [Merged Thread]



  • Sunnywalks_7Sunnywalks_7 Posts: 4
    I have tried restarting the game, persistent charge
    still not working
  • My Venom the Duck got all 10 charges back so it's fixed for me
  • BDVMBDVM Posts: 62
    Will I get compensated for the revives that I used while doing Variant content “attempting” to use Nick Fury :(@Kabam Zibiit ??
  • Now persistent charges arent showing up for me on android at 4:22 pm Arizona time
  • RC51RC51 Posts: 123
    Persistent charges and combo meter are back for my Ægon. Overlay was missing last AQ fight, combo meter was gone. Killed and restarted app, took my next AQ fight, Persistent Charge overlay is back and combo meter started the fight at 160. Next fight, combo meter was up to 194.

  • synergy also not working since no soul charges are appearing.. gully gives one soul charge
  • ReapingcantsReapingcants Posts: 9
    My corvas ain’t getting charges either and others in my alliance having same issue with other champs. First war of season and it’s probably messed up for most. I’ve got ss and vid of no charges. Despite having taken out sent and vision in first section map 6 aq. I should have 2 charges min.
  • MatanacosMatanacos Posts: 38
    edited October 2019
    Well, persistent charges are back. However, I should have three. Seems the first Fight didn’t count?!? It was an IWIM first and a NC second.... I can’t remember if I got the evade one. I could have been at four charges now

  • everyone delete n reinstall for charges
  • PintzzPintzz Posts: 224
    VTD persistent charges not saving still in AQ map 5 again ultron drones and wolverine in section one. 553MST
    Device : iPhone XS Max
    Latest OS 13.1.3
  • FGH14FGH14 Posts: 8
    While I’m glad they fixed it quickly, what compensation do I get for losing my health on Fury. In war on first day of seasons.

  • So I noticed that during my fights I can't see Mephisto's Prestige Charges to keep track of soak counts. I also noticed they don't pop up next to the name like they usually do as I just screenshotted where they aren't appearing
  • Soul* charges
  • RealAsianKingRealAsianKing Posts: 27
    This image shows that Nick Fury with his awakened ability has no persistent charge and this is in arena where nothing should change. Furthermore, in AW there is no persistent charge for Corvus glaive but it is ok because I still have the cruelties.
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 9,774 ★★★★★
    Restart your game. They fixed it already. Plus nkt sure why you had to start a new thread. Already a mega thread on it.
  • Had two fights and should have 2 charges by this point but nothing
  • Mlee1829Mlee1829 Posts: 75
    Still not working
  • Man am stuck in aw and aq because of no persistent charges after that small update on android
  • Justin2524Justin2524 Posts: 724 ★★★
    Broken for me too with Corvus in AQ, nothing's visible. I'm using iOS.
  • Justin2524Justin2524 Posts: 724 ★★★
    Corvus in AQ right now, not showing persistent charges at all pre-fight or during fight.
  • nOuxnOux Posts: 288 ★★
    edited October 2019
    Its not the visual bug, persistence charges are completely broken and missing. I cant even activate potion on diablo

  • BFritzeBFritze Posts: 36
    Issue not occurring on Galaxy S10. Nick, VtD, Diablo, ST, and Champion all gaining as normal.
    ANDROID Version 9
  • No issues for me.
    iPhone 11, iOS 13.0
    Latest game version.

  • nOuxnOux Posts: 288 ★★
    Meaty2333 said:

    No issues for me.
    iPhone 11, iOS 13.0
    Latest game version.

    Its already have been fixed.
  • Justin2524Justin2524 Posts: 724 ★★★
    Have just re-started the game and yes it's now fixed.

  • No issue at all before fix, after fix, during fix, yesterday, today, last night, this morning etc
    nOux said:

    Meaty2333 said:

    No issues for me.
    iPhone 11, iOS 13.0
    Latest game version.

    Its already have been fixed.
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