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Summoner Sigil XP Bug

Since updating the game this morning, I'm not getting an xp boost from the Summoner's Sigil anymore. Anyone else noticed this? I'm running on Android, Galaxy S9.


  • StrikesoilStrikesoil Posts: 1
    The same problem i cant access the summoner sigil. It is locked for some reason.
  • NightscrawlerNightscrawler Posts: 11
    Yeah, seems like everyone's experiencing this problem since the update, including me. The other specific problem I'm having is, whenever I win a fight, or finish a quest, the little purple flash signifying an extra xp boost due to the Sigil is gone. I wonder if the entire thing's been deactivated by the update...lol.
  • BaagroakBaagroak Posts: 9
    I am also no longer getting the 20% boost to XP, currently trying to get this addressed via support.

    Doesn't help when everyone else is banging on about the ISO black market because they are max level.

    I'll let you know how I get along with support, they were pushing back because the video I sent had a 50% boost on, they were saying that it negates the sigil boost, which is counter to what the sigil announcement stated as below:

    20% Experience Boost!
    Raise your level and gain Mastery Points faster with a passive 20% Experience Boost! This boost can be stacked with additional Experience Boosts to make your race to Level 60 even quicker.

  • My summoner sigil is broken!!! It’s over and I got 1 7 day event, I run in the gold event! So basically I paid full price for a weeks worth of trial, lol..... awaiting KABAMS response.
  • Apparently Kabam knows about the problems and are working out a solution, let me know if you’v Experienced any problems or off KABAMS answers???
  • DeviousDevious Posts: 8
    There is no bug
  • BaagroakBaagroak Posts: 9
    Submitted a video showing the XP issue and they are investigating the issue. No update in the forums as a known bug yet.
  • mlopes010mlopes010 Posts: 8
    Anyone have update on this? I received confirmation from support last week that this is a known issue.
  • Hey there, there were some issues with the Summoner's Sigil that were resolved earlier this month. You can find more information about that here. If you have been experiencing issues after that, you'd need to start a separate thread or send in a separate report about the issues you are experiencing now.
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