Doctor Voodoo bug

Doctor voodoo is not taking away loas or buffs. I have him duped as a 5star and used his lvl 1 special multiple times, with it being an even combo and not one single loa or buff is removed. Please


  • AlexAvalonAlexAvalon Posts: 628 ★★★
    Angela sig ability prevents her buffs from being nullified, not a bug
  • Its not just her though. It has happened in other fights as well. For instance Howard the duck and war machine. No buffs or loas are being removed.
  • Hey there, would you be able to tell us where these fights occurred or what node buffs were active on them at the time? Or if you have any video of this happening? Could you also let us know what sig level your Doctor Voodoo is at?
  • It has been happening in act 5.3.1 and 5.3.2. The only nodes were the global node of ancient knowledge reducing all champions base attack by 50% of a certain class. 5.3.1 being all but mystic reduced and 5.3.2 being all but tech reduced. I do not have video because I dont know how to record fights. My voodoo is a signature level of 59/200.
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    It’s not a bug, I play voodoo for ages. Once she reach 5 buffs (loa is also a buff) she becomes nullify immune, it’s her signature ability. They way to play around it is spam sp1 on even combo each time you have it to nullify before she reach 5 buffs
  • arni2arni2 Posts: 362 ★★
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    For each buff... the key works is “each”. Check how many loas angela had.... yes, reading is interesting 😇
  • As others have mentioned, Angela's signature ability is that each Buff on her reduces the chance for Nullify to trigger against her. As for the other Champions you mentioned, would you be able to confirm which one was from which quest, or if that Howard the Duck was the 5.3.2 boss? Additionally, here are instructions for how to record the screen for Android and for iOS. (No need to go out of your way to record anything, just thought you might like to know how to do it. It has been useful for me to know how to do it in the past.)
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