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CASrinivasCASrinivas Posts: 524 ★★★
As the Title says, I need help regarding doing Uncollected........These are the 4 star & 5 star Champs that I have.
Am I worthy of doing Act 5 or Should I wait to get some more good 5 Stars or 4 Stars.....
Or which Champ should I Rank up..... Help me by Commenting on what to do


  • SubExtaByteSubExtaByte Posts: 80
    Your team should be
    Vision age of ultron
    Nick fury
  • UniversalGamingUniversalGaming Posts: 542 ★★★
    Rank up your corvus and take him along with Nick Fury, Hyperion, Vision (Rank him up) and Dr Voodoo
    Good Luck!
  • StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 4,487 ★★★★★
    Don't underestimate the value of IMIW's Unblockable Special One and his armor, I took down the Collector using mostly my 5/50 IMIW.
  • Tony886Tony886 Posts: 535 ★★
    Go with Hyperion,doctor octopus,nick Fury,Omega Red and imiw
    Rank 4* to maxed and 5* till r3 and go for uncollected
  • The_WatcherThe_Watcher Posts: 148

    Don't underestimate the value of IMIW's Unblockable Special One and his armor, I took down the Collector using mostly my 5/50 IMIW.

    I second this, until collector reached his unblockable special phase IMIW did a great work on my alt, go for sp3 plasma (enhanced one if possible) and you can keep him below 3 bars of power since he doesn't have any external power gain (as long as AAR doesn't go too low). You have stealth spider so it should be easier keeping that plasma on collector. His unblockable sp1 is nice to have for bane transfer if collector AI gets defensive. With his above average block proficiency I could block sp2s (had CapIW for further damage reduction though) until like I said he got his unblockable special phase.

    After Collector gets to his unblockable special phase (I guess around 55%, don't correctly remember since it was months ago) you basically got to revive, do as much damage as possible and repeat unless you have mad skill with Voodoo or have spider-gwen on team.

    If it was me, I'd go with Hypo, Covus, Stealth spidey, IMIW, Nick. Use nick first since he gives better synergy after death. If yoy don't have resources to rank corvus currently, wait or bring voodoo and spam sp2. My strategy would be taking collector down close to 60% with Nick and IMIW then try power draining with Voodoo, keeping hypo and Stealth spidey for final burst damage if needed.
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 13,290 Guardian
    Your roster is fine. Whether you are fine or not only you can say. Start practicing on 5.1, and don't spend until you know for sure you can do it reasonably. Practice is important in Act 5, because it takes most players time to get used to the nodes. I personally don't think it is worth spending any units on Act 5 until the Collector himself. With practice, I think most players should be able to clear basic paths in Act 5.1 and 5.2 up to the Collector without spending anything except the potions you get for free from the game.

    Not everyone can clear the Collector without spending, although it is possible. I'd save my units for him, and spend time getting good at clearing the paths without spending. If you're in it for the long haul, that practice is important because if you spend past 5.1, you then will have to spend past 5.2, then 5.4, then 6.1, and it just keeps getting more expensive. If you spend time practicing, you'll keep getting better and that pays way more dividends in the long run.

    You do want to get to Uncollected status as soon as possible, but you don't want to sacrifice your personal skill development in the process.
  • Aomine_Daiki10Aomine_Daiki10 Posts: 1,092 ★★★★
    Go claim the title just go in with good amount if portions and boost for the extra confidence
  • CASrinivasCASrinivas Posts: 524 ★★★
  • CASrinivasCASrinivas Posts: 524 ★★★

    Go claim the title just go in with good amount if portions and boost for the extra confidence

    I've got full Capacity of all Revives (Team & Single)
  • CASrinivasCASrinivas Posts: 524 ★★★
    Will Gwenpool help me in any chapter?
    Like before Collector?.....
    She's Dope... Her Bleed damage is cool
  • The_WatcherThe_Watcher Posts: 148
    Wolvie and X-23 actually did really great in act 5 for me. So I can say GP would be useful as well especially on 5.2.4 masochism node where her bleed would be used to feed the masochism timer and you can reliably parry most of the time.
  • CASrinivasCASrinivas Posts: 524 ★★★
    Those who helped me get UC, Thanks.......
    Did it in January 2020

  • CASrinivasCASrinivas Posts: 524 ★★★
    Noe my rating is2,22,220
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