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Is the game easier on iPhone?

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  • IamGROOT420IamGROOT420 Posts: 233
    I'm android user and habe really been contemplating switching to Apple. It does sound like everyone on IPhone says it's better
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  • IamGROOT420IamGROOT420 Posts: 233
    So what your saying is a newer Android device runs better
  • IamGROOT420IamGROOT420 Posts: 233
    As the days go by in alliance quest the fights get harder each day
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  • Timone147Timone147 Posts: 1,276 ★★★★
    Yes the performance is better. Response time is better from my experience and overall performance is better from someone who uses I-phone and samsung. I typically always use my iPhone but I definitely won’t use my Samsung for harder quests or AW because of the difference in performance.
  • AngryYoshiAngryYoshi Posts: 136
    As far as AI goes its same on both platforms. I’ve an iPhone X and many times they stand their holding block and second I swipe in I get smacked in face but I have played on both devices and I noticed the iPhone has a better response time versus androids. Androids feel slightly more sluggish and delayed.
    I do believe game runs smoother on iPhones.
  • PintzzPintzz Posts: 297 ★★
    Personally from using every Samsung since the S3. I can personally say the game runs so much better on iPhone. I just switch to the XS max over a month ago. And don’t think I will be switching back to a Samsung mainly because of how the game runs(interactions, load time, clarity and detail (ex. Havok sp1 detail on the xS max to the s10+ is not even comparable))
  • TatteredSailTatteredSail Posts: 25

    iPhone 11 pro max is laggier with more gimpiness like champs just standing there when you tap and refusing to combo heavies into specials. No problems with that on the Samsung Galaxy S10. The game also reloads from the title screen on iPhone instead of resuming most of the time.

    That’s not the phone...since switching to iPhone XR it’s been much smoother... until this last update...it’s like the game doesn’t respond all the time...
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,570 ★★★★★
    It lags less on iphone
  • TheBestinTuakauTheBestinTuakau Posts: 955 ★★★
    The thing about switching phones for me is my timing. When I switch from my phone( android) to my friends iphone 6s, I cant seem to parry because it runs way faster and I end up blocking too early.
  • I play it on an Android and on the iPad Pro. I can't play endgame anymore on android. It is way slower and does not respond that fast as it does on the iPad. Therefore, it is easier on iOS.
  • DoonxDoonx Posts: 182
    I also play on android and iphone. When I use android (when I charge my iphone) I always got KO'd even in arena fights lol. For me its easier in iphone. 👍
  • UnyonfaceUnyonface Posts: 290 ★★
    It's all in your head. You get used to the way you play on Android and iPhone. I've been playing Mcoc since it came out on an Android phone, getting a newer phone every year. The AI has become a problem just holding it's specials after 12.0 and has become a little passive just like the Sentinels. I miss a block or make a mistake of not watching what I am doing and I get pummeled by the AI, the phone doesn't cause me to lose a match, I am the cause of the loss. If I were to switch to the iPhone, I would adapt to it the same way I adapted to an Android....
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  • TheBestinTuakauTheBestinTuakau Posts: 955 ★★★
    Faster, yes. Easier, not necessarily
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  • MerdsuperMerdsuper Posts: 106
    I play on both devices and I prefer iOS coz it faster and sometimes on my tablet the game lags And freezes while I’m in the middle of a fight
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  • Labais55Labais55 Posts: 40
    Its all how you triger AI at start of fight no mater it have several scripts how it responds to your actions no mater what platform you have. One time fights all parry and chop chop next one it gos total mess and strugle do anything
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