**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.

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  • imaginejimimaginejim Posts: 333 ★★

    Can you guys bring in world war hulk and blue marvel if you guys know who blue marvel is? @Kabam Miike

    Blue Marvel would be cool. I’d really like to see Gladiator come in. His confidence based power set could be really cool and could be incorporated with persistent charges!

  • YotzYotz Posts: 117
    Lol keeping the guests entertained while the food is delivered cause what you were cooking got burnt? Nice going :D.... X2 on whoever asked about variant 4, any teasers you can give us?
  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
    Can we expect a gold boost anytime soon? We haven't had one in ages while ppl r still short on gold.
  • Bubba6161 said:

    Has the game team started to discuss what compensation, if any, will be given for alliances that did not finish an AQ/AW map due to the maintenance?

    If it’s being discussed do you have a time frame on when you expect to make a post about it.

    @Kabam Miike

    Not yet, and we won't until we have the situation resolved. It's a pretty "all hands on deck" situation right now, so we need everybody looking at our big issue before we can move on to finding out how people were affected, and then compensation.
  • SparkAlotSparkAlot Posts: 957 ★★★★
    Kabam Thel or Mike, ever see a sasquatch yet?
  • MazoosWifeMazoosWife Posts: 20
    😃 Will Jubilee ever be added to the game?
  • TreininTreinin Posts: 215 ★★★

    Treinin said:

    Question: Why did you think rewards like 1,500 gold or 3,000 gold for certain days in the Cavalier calendar were reasonable? With the amount of gold we need to rank champions, I feel like an update to these amounts would be warranted and would not have cost the company too much to implement.

    The Calendar should never be the main source of any resource in the game. They are, essentially, bonus rewards to supplement what you're already earning in other areas. The gold there is not huge, because it's not meant to be a source of Gold for you, but to supplement it.

    The amounts in the calendar don't supplement a 4* rank up, let alone a 5/65, 6* or donation costs. I am not asking for a million gold, but putting in 1,500 gold is a slap in the face. Take 4 days off the length of the calendar and remove these, It's insulting.
  • Bubba6161Bubba6161 Posts: 156
    Gotcha. Thank you for the prompt response @Kabam Miike
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  • Ok my turn... Favourite Non-MCU Marvel movie? I've got to give it to Days of Future Past, myself.
  • NitroReaperNitroReaper Posts: 32

    kconrad37 said:

    @Kabam Miike You said you play on a PS4. Have you played the Spider-Man game? If so, what are your thoughts?

    I absolutely loved that game. I'm a big fan of Storytelling, and I really liked how they did a non-origin story game with no prequels, and made it feel like it was part of an ongoing Comic series.
    Gonna get death stranding?
  • mbracembrace Posts: 827 ★★★
    Kenny292 said:


    Kenny292 said:

    iStaples said:

    iStaples said:

    @Kabam Miike Please make Dormmamu and Ghost Rider incinerate and cold snap immune. Like as a quick fix. Kinda like that sneaky Gamora buff early this year.

    I second the incinerate immune.. like.. he is literally on fire
    Thank you good to have someone else on board the Ghost Rider incinerate immune boat!
    Ghost Rider is already a great Character, and adding Incinerate Immunity is not something that he really needs. Unlike the Comics and Movies, we have to take game balance into mind when we create Champion's abilities.

    Also, Iceman will probably not become Coldsnap immune.
    I think a counter-argument to this could be that, although they don’t need it, it definitely wouldn’t overpower them either.
    Exactly. Adding these immunities will not break the game or bump these champs up to top tier, but it makes complete sense and will make a lot of players happy.
  • Demps928Demps928 Posts: 27
    Have you considered the impact to any alliance that hadn’t yet enlisted in war? Wasn’t this also the last day people could join to qualify for season rewards? I’d imagine both of those things are going to be a big deal.
  • DragonfeiDragonfei Posts: 260 ★★

    Ok my turn... Favourite Non-MCU Marvel movie? I've got to give it to Days of Future Past, myself.

    How can you say that when Into the Spider-Verse exists Miike? Honestly. There's so much gold in that movie it's swimming in it - and that doesn't even include the soundtrack!
  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    edited November 2019

    Ok my turn... Favourite Non-MCU Marvel movie? I've got to give it to Days of Future Past, myself.

    I quite enjoyed deadpool& deadpool 2
  • NitroReaperNitroReaper Posts: 32

    Ok my turn... Favourite Non-MCU Marvel movie? I've got to give it to Days of Future Past, myself.

    I quite enjoyed deadpool& deadpool 2
    Deadpool 2 was amazing, but i found deadpool 1 meh
  • IronGladiator22IronGladiator22 Posts: 1,637 ★★★★

    belli300 said:

    What’s your favorite place to play mcoc?

    I'm very much a Couch player. I need to be able to lean back and relax when I'm playing. One of my couch corners is full of pillows etc, just for me to lean into while playing games (MCOC and PS4 games).
    PlayStation 4 is godly
  • Ragnaroky12Ragnaroky12 Posts: 62
    Pineapple on pizza is illegal.. If you eat that in italy you'll go to jail
  • mbracembrace Posts: 827 ★★★
    I can see others are beginning to notice that AQ timing will be completely jacked because of this. Is a solution being considered? Just give everyone max completion for whatever they ran last round, and let’s skip to round 3.
  • kfd2010kfd2010 Posts: 423 ★★

    Ok my turn... Favourite Non-MCU Marvel movie? I've got to give it to Days of Future Past, myself.

    Prob Spider-man 2 (the Toby Maguire one, not the Garfield one that I never saw)

    Those Raimi moves were the first time I saw a super hero flick on the big screen and it felt like I was watching a comic book. I like the second better because it didn't have the cumbersome origin story.
  • nolcuNnolcuN Posts: 159 ★★
    Warlock, could you please tell how he offensively benefits from offensive ability reduction? I really think he should be changed back the way he was...
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