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My game is back up. BUT still not working at all

My game is working again. BUT. It hasnt been fixed at all. Had to do 2/3 AQ fights twice and have now done the same fight in MEQ 3 times and the opponent is still standing. So nothing is fixed at all.


  • OhlinhoOhlinho Posts: 72
    Restarting the quest as kabam suggested doesnt work either. it keeps happening.
  • Definitely isnt fixed!!...I blocked and instead ran right into the champ!!...plus I cant collect rewards from alliance quests
  • We are still getting old issue as well with a knocked out champ restoring....this is not fixed.....and there are tons of bugs everywhere
  • Arena not working on Android. Just take it down until it's fixed.
  • RailHerRailHer Posts: 7
    Still having the same problem
  • AzKicker316AzKicker316 Posts: 2,075 ★★★★★
    Just logged in again, luckily able to fight my AQ fight, but when I went to the invasion event, it happened again. Beat domino then was right back at her afterwards! Come on guys, get this fixed!

    Also, AQ timers still set for 1 hour, we should get 30 min timers if not shorter so we don't get screwed!
  • OhlinhoOhlinho Posts: 72
    Seriously f*** this. I did a quest for data on the issue and I had to do every fight AT LEAST 3 times. Most of the time 4 or 5. Now i gave up cause i got bored after killing Nebula 6 times.
  • OhlinhoOhlinho Posts: 72
    My AQ energy was 2 when the game went down. when the game came back on FIVE HOURS later my AQ energy was..... drumroll.....2!!!! WHAT?
  • Bugmat78Bugmat78 Posts: 1,273 ★★★★
    Yes arena is broken too. Keeps resetting after a win because the server cannot find PvP data..
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