Ebony maw bug?

Maw’s degen from his awakened ability does not increase with higher sig level. Is this intended?


  • QuasiQuasi Posts: 2
    Maw is now at sig 50 and the awakened ability has not changed at all.
  • TerraTerra Posts: 5,071 ★★★★★
    This is why he is due for a buff. His damage is pathetically low.
    It's how Maw is built and designed atm OP. He will be changed when his 3-month plan hits
  • igorganniigorganni Posts: 13
    Well, his sig ability seems to be redesigned so now Degeneration stays the same, but its potency is increased with Deterioration Passives by a serious amount.
    I have +332.73% per Deterioration on my 5 65 66/200 Ebony, so it must by +66554.6% on 20 stacks.
    The only problem here is that it doesnt work properly at the moment: tested the damage on ROL WinSol and got next numbers. Basic degen have 437.9 dmg over 4 seconds so it ticks as 55 dmg twice/sec and it works right. However, on 20 stacks of Passives it should've gone up to neraly 3.5k dmg twice/sec, but on test a got only 887 dmg twice/sec.

    Can we have a comment from Kabam on what's going on with Ebony now?
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