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3* Mr. Fantastic Arena

There is something I couldn't understand after 3* mr. fantastic arena ended. My score was 1.200.000 and my rank was only between %11-25 and I got 800 3* shards and 100 4* star shards as rank rewards but my friend who played the same arena and whose score was 402.000 got 3* Mr. Fantastic and some shards as reward. I just don't understand why I didn't manage to get that champ too even though my score was a lot higher. Does anyone know why this happened?


  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 12,772 ★★★★★
    Your friend still has the beginner/intermediate arena. He is playing for less than 2 months
  • MyersVoorhesMyersVoorhes Posts: 26
    For as long as I've been in the Expert bracket 1.35 Mil was enough for the New Featured 3*. Today I got the 11-25, did a lot more people play or did people score 1.5 and higher for a 3*
  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 12,772 ★★★★★
    Usually it's around 1.4kk or 1.5kk, If I would guess. I got him in this arena with 1.6kk points
  • MyersVoorhesMyersVoorhes Posts: 26
    I'm guessing kk is equal to Million, I'm just a little ticked off that my same score I post for a new featured champ has moved up. Regrettably next round I'm shooting for 2 Mil, I don't like missing a champ and waiting months for him to be in the basic pool.
  • @MyersVoorhes .. might have been less people bothering to do small amount of 3* arena this time because of the doubled-up 4* arenas.
    That would cause less people setting the # of Qualifying for Rank, and so less people would earn top 10% for champ. Although those that were going for him would have probably put up their usual amount. Would have maybe increased the cutoff somewhat.

    As to @Torah13 , exactly what others said, different brackets for < 30 days, 30-60 days, and > 60 days.
  • MyersVoorhesMyersVoorhes Posts: 26
    I hope the Cull one is done. The 3* grind is long and tedious. Just for fun I'm going to put up 2 Mil. I'm curious how high the #1 spot is
  • obsidimanobsidiman Posts: 20
    Good rule of thumb in 3* arenas are 1.5 mil for new champs and about 750k for old champs. I put up just over 1.5 mil this go around and got a 3* Mr. Fantastic.

    Numbers aren't hard and fast but it's a good starting point.
  • issamaf80issamaf80 Posts: 1,472 ★★★
    yeah i missed him this time i usually get new champ only with 1.3M
  • MyersVoorhesMyersVoorhes Posts: 26
    Guess I better make it 3 then lol.
  • MyersVoorhesMyersVoorhes Posts: 26
    @Torah13 I'll look for your name in the lists.
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