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[iOS] Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



  • Ronnyman889Ronnyman889 Posts: 179
    iOS 13.1.2 and the latest game version

    The same stuff all over. Game drains battery big time and unit heats up rather quickly, just a few minutes of play and this looks very much like the same as many times before.

    Everything is lagging again. It seams like this isn’t by any means are having the focus and priority we the players deserve. Players with All kinds of Hw are reporting this issue over and over.

    These forum pages are displaying error launching forum quite often.

    Are the feedback hidden in this section looked into? Nobody knows because your team are totally silent about the posting. When posting in the main bug page you close the thread right away and Instruct to post here, AND THEN........
  • Thi101Thi101 Posts: 808 ★★★
    In-Game Name: Thi101
    Device and Model: iPhone XR
    Operational System: iOS 12.3.1
    Cellular or Wi-Fi: Both
    Game Version: 25.1.0
    Game Mode: “The Trial of Reed Richards” Event Quest

    Against the last boss of the Event Quest, Silver Surfer, my champions are, at times, completely irresponsive to the blocking command. After finishing a 5-combo and attempting to block right after, as I always did, the stay completely open to Silver Surfer’s attacks instead of blocking when I click to.
  • MavRCK_MavRCK_ Posts: 469 ★★★
    edited December 2019
    In-Game Name: MavRCK_
    Device and Model: IpadPro 10.5 A10x (compared vs Iphone XR A12 - my prior reports compared the IpadPro A10x to my old iphone 6s plus)
    Device Operating System: latest OS 13.2.3 ( as of Dec 7th, on both devices)
    Cellular or WiFi: Wifi (For comparison as the IpadPro 10.5 A10X is only run on Wifi)
    Game Version Installed: Latest version (Silver Surfer)
    Game Mode: Quests, Arena, Alliance War, Alliance Quest
    Description of the Issue:

    Finally a chance to compare hardware!

    The ongoing issue I have had with the IpadPro 10.5 A10X is a jittery or fps drop that has persisted over the past year or more. At times it's is more noticeable, at times less, but it is especially noticeable when the opponent is closer to their wall and I use a special - especially a multi-hit special such as Claire Widow Sp2. It is also noticeable whenever the perspective is moving from side to side, around an object like the vertical I-beam on the Ultron Wasteyard level, etc.

    To be clear, the IpadPro 10.5 A10x has been taken to the Genius bar and had diagnostics, the battery cycles checked, the case on / off / drilled out for maximum cooling / backside checked for excessive heat (there is none), plugged in and out when playing, full or low battery states, and power on/off states along with complete clears and reinstalls by myself and Apple. This IpadPro A10x is used primarily for MCOC and Safari - Youtube videos. Very rare there are more than 2 apps to close before starting MCOC.

    The issue is generally better after a power on/off or forced power off/on but the gameplay is never perfect - there is a always a slight jittery and loss of fps. (FYI, my background in fps gaming is Q2, Q3TA, and CS - Top 3 teams and individual player).

    Now that I recently obtained a new Iphone XR this week, I can compare the hardware and the experience. This jitter or fps drop does not exist on the IphoneXR and I notice that the transitions and load times seem faster despite the hardware cpu/gpu being in similar categories from the benchmarks below.

    The game experience is better on the iphone xr due to the lack of jitter or fps drops (as well as the wider perspective).

    I hope this bug report can help out - really enjoy this game.


    https://browser.geekbench.com/ios-benchmarks - check the metal
  • GasHaulerGasHauler Posts: 174
    In-game ID: GasHauler
    Phone: iPhone 7 Plus
    iOS version: 13.2.2
    Cellular Data through AT&T
    Game Version: 25.1.0

    While fighting Story Quest Trial of Reed Richards Uncollected, I’ve had the game repeatedly start having performance issues, lagging and stuttering, and then the game crashes completely during the Silver Surfer boss fight. (A few other fights this happened as well, but mainly has happened at least 4 times now on Silver Surfer) I have not had any issues with the game crashing at all until installing game version 25.1.0

    This has caused me to lose all my champions from fighting Silver Surfer and having to use revives and spend units.
  • Insanegod619Insanegod619 Posts: 22
    Has this problems been solved cause I want to buy an iPhone 11?
  • nOuxnOux Posts: 522 ★★★
    I think it time to start looking for a new head coder in your company, how come some one so incompetent can have this job for so long? How is it possible without any game client updates on one day have such low frames per second and next day run smooth while 2 hours later again run on low frames. If your employee cant solve issues that have Been running for couple of month, isn’t better to get a some one who can do that job better and increase player base by a large margin, that will bring you more money for a company.

    It reminds me of this other game called DayZ standalone on PC. Game was running for 2 years max at 40fps, in big cities it was running on 20fps. When main developer left the company and they recruited new person for the job, suddenly game graphics were improved and game performance was increased drastically from 20fps in cities to 130fps on same hardware.

    I really like this game, but game performance is just making whole experience of playing contest of champions really unpleasant. Each day is like rollercoaster, after launching a game its like a gamble u dont know how is it going to perform. Specially when there are game modes like alliance war when one death because of bad performance can cost other 29 people loss of items and materials.
    Im really getting tired of coming to forums and complain about same thing over and over again and nothing is done. And im not alone as i see in here doing same thing.
    If that head coder cant optimize game and instead expect people to buy brand new device each year to run game with brute force instead of running it smartly optimized game there is a big issue in your company. Im up for the new mechanics to be introduced to the game, but if you just keep on adding and clogging whole framework in cost of performance thats not good. This game brings a lot of money and im pretty sure that u can find competent employees for the job, not people who just add things and keeps fingers crossed that it will work without no issues.
    Its pretty sad when this is the only game from appstore that has performance issues. And nothing is done. I could understand if there would be at least one game that would even have similar issues, but all games that run on same Unity engine has no issues, except MCoC.
  • NitroReaperNitroReaper Posts: 32
    ign: NitroReaper
    Model: iPad 6
    iOS: 13.2.3

    Sometimes crashes mid-fight, and showed no sign of doing so before, and this is just on random fights. Occasionally there would also be some lag as well, where my light attacks would be made in heavy attacks and I would just get intercepted and get KOd.
  • The_DriverThe_Driver Posts: 10
    edited December 2019
    In-Game Name: The_Driver

    Device and Model: iPhone 6

    Device Operating System: iOS 12.4.4

    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi

    Game Version Installed: 25.0

    Game Mode: All (except AW)

    Description of the Issue:

    I made a couple of posts about this recently and was recommended to post here as well.

    The issue is with USING Silver Surfer.
    It’s been occurring since the day I got him.

    I start the fight, I build up to a Special 3,
    the animation for SP3 begins to unfold and
    then upon reaching its conclusion it freezes for
    half a second then the game crashes.

    No connectivity issues, nothing running in the background. This is the first real issue that I’ve had with the game. And more specifically with an actual champ.

    I’ve tested a bunch of other champs in
    different modes but it ONLY happens with
    The Silver Surfer.

    I’ve also sent a ticket in to the support team and have been in communication with them about this. Hopefully this helps.

  • Greywalker83
    iPhone 7plus
    iOS 13.1.3
    Game is up to date as of a few days ago don’t know the version number sorry

    Started having issues with lagging in multiple game modes over the last couple of weeks. Yesterday it started crashing during story mode fights. Today 12/10/19 I can’t log in for more than a few moments before the game crashes and closes. It takes multiple attempts to open the game and once it opens it lasts for less than a minute before crashing.
  • lpmastorlpmastor Posts: 19
    In-Game Name: lpmastor
    Device and Model: iPhone 7
    Device Operating System: iOS 13.1.3
    Cellular or WiFi: Happens on both, faster on cellular (Telus)
    Game Version Installed: 25.1.0
    Game Mode: Event Quests, AQ, AW, Arena (everywhere)
    Description of the Issue: Play starts normally but after a few minutes, the phone gets much hotter. The game lags as I'm playing and then eventually crashes entirely. It was not as bad when first downloaded the update, but now its every play session I try to have, the game is crashing multiple times over 20-30 minutes. This was happening most frequently fighting EQ Uncollected Silver Surfer boss, but is now happening in all modes against all champions.
    The worst crashing happens if plugged in and on cellular. I was trying to play in the car (in the passenger seat!) plugged in to the car usb charging port and the game would crash within a minute of loading continuously. In this case the phone never had a chance to warm up as the game would barely be loaded and I was never even making it to fights before the game crashed.
  • Mikea117Mikea117 Posts: 96
    IPhone 7+
    IOS 13.3
    WiFi/ 4g (both)

    Any game mode I’ve played my game just completely stops when an opposing champ uses any special. It’s almost a solid 3 second, full stop where I can’t control the characters and the animation completely stops. Afterwards I take full damage from specials while having dext and party show up on screen while nothing happens for either mastery. Pretty ridiculous when it happens in AQ and AW.
  • Ronnyman889Ronnyman889 Posts: 179
    iOS 13.1.2
    Latest game version

    How can you have so different flow in the game. Earlier today was smooth and controls quite good. Now is another story where laggy response and frame rate is poor.

    This forum is loading by random, more used to the message “error launching forum” than redirecting info.

    Cannot think of anything else than your servers struggle with performance.
  • BrottorneyBrottorney Posts: 1
    Iphone 7
    iOS 13.2.3
    Latest Game version

    Every fight I have now the game crashes, my iphone overheats as well. Have lost half my squad in AQ and cant even get thru the event quest on Masters because the game constantly crashes. Happens on cellular and wifi. Super annoying and makes me lose interest in playing
  • saintsfan349
    iOS 13.3
    iPad Pro (11 inch)
    Literally every game mode
    I get non stop connection issues, which just resulted in a completed war fight that was nullified because of connection issues, costing me my items and an attack bonus in a very close war.
  • Ronnyman889Ronnyman889 Posts: 179
    The flow in the game this weekend is really random, fights are slow, normal and quick in speed. Everything around the fights like opening screen and closures and rewards after the fights are also having the same. Boss fights in events are having more of this possible because they are longer or kabam has added more features to those fights.
    Since this is worse in weekends the amount of players and connections are probably more than a weekday the servers at kabam are struggling all the time but more in the high use periods.

    And again prove me/ us wrong but as always you give us the silent treatment.
  • DanosaurDanosaur Posts: 6
    iPhone 7
    iOS 13.1.3
    All game modes.

    Phone becomes extremely hot whilst playing. Game also keeps crashing regularly. As an example, I've just completed two paths of Uncollected monthly event quest Chapter 3.2. and during the two paths, the game crashed FOUR times.
  • T0kr4MT0kr4M Posts: 3
    In-Game Name: T0kr4M
    Device and Model: iPhone 7
    Device Operating System: iOS 13.3
    Cellular or WiFi: more on cellular data but in WiFi as well
    Game Version Installed: 25.1.1
    Game Mode: Everywhere
    Description of the Issue: i have various bugs, occurring randomly but constantly during a session (~1h).
    Here in no particular order:
    - parry is somewhat broken and even block is hard sometimes. I randomly but often cannot parry. Seems to me for a matter of nanoseconds parry can’t connect.
    - Sometimes the defender is too fast and I can’t block/parry him even at the start of the fight or right after I launch a special. (When I say fast I mean he practically teleports himself). This occurs sometimes even with the defender’s blocking. After I combo him he blocks superfast before I launch my special. Not talking about Mephisto slow and tricky second special, which I do after a 4 combo, I am talking about (for instance) Red Hulk sp1. Sometimes the defender hits me during the combo. This problem is not only present in Act 5 or Uncollected Event Quest with aggressive and reactive enemies, is present even if I fight a low level champ with an easy-mode AI.
    - Dashing, dexterity or even moving backwards is broken, I do the move but the champ stays still (or even light hit). pair this with the previous problems. On this note: when I dash forward sometimes I do just a light attack, or the game fails to register a medium attack breaking my combo (M-L-L-L-M)
    - Game freeze for a second or two during specials, mine’s and defender’s. I had this issue with Silver Surfer, venompool, darkhawk, the champion, but now with your last update I experienced this even on older champions. Seems to me to occur more on story/event quests than arena/aq/aw
  • (courtesy of @Kirkbentley91 , not sure if it was iOS or Android...)

    This pic of OBSTRUCTED VIEW at least confirms that it is NOT just in 1 particular fight background that this exact “blockage” happens on. Most other ones I’ve seem might have all been in either Loki's throne room or whatever such place that has that outdoor mountain-like scenery.

    This one is clearly a different fight background. But the outline of the “obstructed” shape is always IDENTICAL to this.

    Probably when fight scene “Camera” pulls back because champs move far enough away from each other. But in this “object's” case, the camera seems to fall to ground level as well.

    Unlike a few other above-ground lightposts or bridge columns in selected background scenes that sometimes will get in front of the camera position.

  • Loco24x7Loco24x7 Posts: 68
    Iphone 10
    iOS 13.3
    Latest Game version
    On WiFi and or Cell network

    Drop connection twice while fighting in AQ cost me 50% life on each connect drop also had to force close af waiting for long period of time. Also during AI specials game is laggy hard to punish AI af an evade special. iPhone getting warm while playing game.
  • MynameisjeffMynameisjeff Posts: 3
    edited December 2019
    iOS 13.3
    iPhone XR
    Can’t login to the game
  • GridarGridar Posts: 25
    iOS 13.3
    iPhone SE
    I can’t login to the game either. The game it's stuck in loading screen. On android phone, with the same connection, it's working fine.
  • nOuxnOux Posts: 522 ★★★
    In-Game Name: n0ux
    Device and Model: iPhone 7
    Device Operating System: iOS 13.2.2
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 25.1.1
    Game Mode: All game modes
    Description of the Issue: Combat lag is back again. Was running fine before but now game runs on low framerate.
  • MasterDuffMasterDuff Posts: 3
    In game:: duffmaster
    On ios.
    Game lags. Game crashes in single player in alliance quest and war. Lost a bunch of fights in war from crash. Im up to atleast 5 crashes a day.
    Shut phone off for 5 min, restart game. Still crashes
  • Broly0930Broly0930 Posts: 13

    In-Game Name: Brolly0730
    Device and Model: samsung note 8
    Device Operating System: android version 9
    Cellular or WiFi: both verizon and on multiple wifi sites
    Game Version Installed: last updated dec 10th
    Game Mode: loading screens
    Description of the Issue: game is freezing when loading certain screen tabs. Happens mutiple times a day. Can not load alliance help screen. Can not load fight tab. Continuous loading while trying to opem game
  • Ronnyman889Ronnyman889 Posts: 179
    Latest IOS and Game Version

    Is it to much to ask for to have a better decent connection on your side? Get theses freaking connection icons all the time and thanks to you any progress is expensive and tiresome. Getting these connection s.h.i.t. When doing AQ or AW is extra funny as nobody want to get the alliance into trouble.

    Still having Laggy response and frame rate in everything. Fight are sometimes slow all the way or starting being really fast. Sometimes changing mid fight and some fights specials don’t fire until pressed several times giving several hits in the face before you manage to get defensive.

    This is a never ending story so we probably can’t expect more

  • OnmixOnmix Posts: 508 ★★★
    In-Game Ñame: Onmix5
    Device and Model: iPhone XS Max
    Device Operating System: 13.3
    Cellular or WiFi: Both. AT&T
    Game Version Installed: 25.1.1
    Game Mode: SQ, EQ, Arena, AW, AQ
    Description: At the start or mid fight the screen starts to show lag in the frames. My inputs trigger delayed actions causing my champ to not respond accordingly.
    Champions: CapIW, Corvus, Ghost, SL, Blade, Ghulk, Nick
  • nOuxnOux Posts: 522 ★★★
    In-Game Name: n0ux
    Device and Model: iPhone 7
    Device Operating System: iOS 13.3
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 25.1.1
    Game Mode: All game modes
    Description of the Issue: Marvel Contest of Lag. Roll a dice to see if your game lags or not on daily basis.
    But on serious note can u sort out your game? One day it runs fine, next day it framerate lags again while other day it runs fine gain, login one hour later it lags again, two hours later lag disappears. How is it possible to make competitive game with such inconsistent lag. Every single time when i click start fight in AW im holding my fingers crossed that game would not lag. Same goes for AQ and other quests.
    It has been issue going for some time now and looks like it's completely ignored.

    I see you better spend your company time and resources in nerfing champions that people spend thousands of dollars on instead of fixing actual issues. What a shady buisnes, i can say i have never seen game developer that behaves like that in my long years of gaming.
  • _Mac_203_Mac_203 Posts: 40
    In-Game Name: Mac_203
    Device and Model: iPhone 8 plus
    Device Operating System: iOS 13.3
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 25.1.1
    Game Mode: All game modes
    Description of the Issue: my champs are not evading, not performing heavy attacks after screen is released, if champ does block, stays in blocking stance eating block damage until I have to eat the AIs heavy, & others times doesn’t do anything the whole fight. Sick of using resources and getting nothing in return except getting wrecked. Why is this not fixed yet? No... it’s not our devices, not our connections, it’s YOUR GAME!!! How do you guys have time to release new champs, nerf great champs and release new content but can’t fix a lag/ responsiveness issue. Can the community get an update and solution already!!!
    It has been issue going for some time now and looks like it's completely ignored.
  • LaytangLaytang Posts: 1
    iOS 13.3
    iPhone XR
    Latest game version December 31 2019
    Stuck on loading screen won’t load into game
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