Counters for variant 4 Deadpool-x?

Need help to beat him


  • mgj0630mgj0630 Posts: 152
    Units and revives.
  • NeonoctisNeonoctis Posts: 118
    Stark enhanced Spider-Man. Ghost.

    Any other Champs with taunt.

    Power controllers
  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,454 ★★★★
    I used stealth spidey and could get him down to about 10% or less every time before I ran out of parries. His unblockable at 3 bars of power doesn’t work right now. I just pushed him to 3 bars every fight and would parry him in the corner so he couldn’t dash at me.
  • JakearoundJakearound Posts: 282 ★★
    Neonoctis said:

    Stark enhanced Spider-Man. Ghost.

    Any other Champs with taunt.

    Power controllers

    I guess She Hulk would work in theory too

  • StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 1,063 ★★★★
    Stark Enhanced Spider Man worked like a charm for me, after a little practice I was able to oneshot him consistently
  • JtarunJtarun Posts: 86
    I just saw KT1s video on the heavy cheese and soloed him with blade 😁
  • Corvus can do it
  • theMercenarytheMercenary Posts: 407 ★★
    You can do it with any champs. Here is a vid

  • LucianoDelHoyaLucianoDelHoya Posts: 565 ★★
    Someone who can chain heavies constantly. As he wont use a special. Just make sure he's pinned against the wall. And constantly chain heavies.
  • HSenpaiHSenpai Posts: 91
    Any champ can beat him
  • Blackshadow0203Blackshadow0203 Posts: 29
    edited December 2019
    I took my ghost and wrecked him. Took a couple of tries to get the rhythm down but she worked like a charm. I also used her without wasp, ant-man, or hood so if you don't really need the synergies but they do help a lot!
  • WorknprogressWorknprogress Posts: 3,045 ★★★★★
    Ghost or any champ with a fast heavy can pin him in the corner
  • Bidzy7Bidzy7 Posts: 193
    Hyperion SP2 intercept worked well for me for the unblockable phases. Use the less then 1 bar of power phase to stack up furies , then spam that sp2. then play keep away until you have another sp2.

    I also used NF and getting to his unblockable phase

    other options
    Ghost works great for that fight.
    AA would be decent to get a big chunk of health down but need good rng
    Corvus with a 200% power boost would work great.
    Thing using synergies
    Quake and shake ( High skill needed)
    Carnage using the bleed and firing unblockable specials in corner
    Havok could do alot with his sp3
    MODOK Heavy in corner
    Doc Oc heavy in corner
    Masacre good be good option as he still gains power when hitting into block, he has high block penetration and that sp2 does alot of damage if he block. Failing that his heavy in corner works
    Vision Arkus
  • LilMaddogHTLilMaddogHT Posts: 294 ★★★
    Here are 2 fights showcasing the heavy spam option using Sparkles and Blade. Enjoy and good luck!

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