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What is the most defender kills you've every gotten?

Ya_Boi_28Ya_Boi_28 Posts: 3,050 ★★★★★
Can be by all of your defenders or only one. I don't get many defender kills anymore :(


  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 15,699 ★★★★★
    37 Mysterio. Tried to find the picture in line chat but can't find it.
    Not me but an alliance mate got 20 kills with a 3/45 5* rhino back before 4/55s were around
  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
    2 frm my Hyperion
  • StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 4,970 ★★★★★
    I remember my bgs boss, a 5/50 The Champion, getting thirty plus kills in one war.
  • JhovannaCoenJhovannaCoen Posts: 16
    2 from 4 star mordo
  • A few wars back we did 216 kills. I know it's not me, but I thought alliance wide, it was pretty crazy.
  • JMORG1111JMORG1111 Posts: 129
    28 with a 4* way back in the day. ST on the regen node and nobody brought a counter so he would heal all damage done. This was before the map changes.
  • Ketchup1791Ketchup1791 Posts: 114
    The most I've ever gotten was 20. It was on the last AW map we had and I put my MODOK on the Bane node. He got about 20 kills vs 3 different people and didn't get KOed. I don't know how but I got a laugh out of it.

  • The Champion with 22 kills as AW Boss!
  • TimeGenesisTimeGenesis Posts: 662 ★★★
    19 kills from Domino for me
  • Owl_0wlOwl_0wl Posts: 190
    In my first ever war i got 16 kills with a r4 4* black bolt on thorns node. Really set my expectations high.

    ahhhhh the gold ol' days, i'm on PC atm so i don't have a screenshot as of yet
  • CryptツCryptツ Posts: 27
    A bit late to the party, but my ally member got 72 with a 5/65 Modok as boss last year. Most I got was 26 with a 5/50 Ultron back in 2018 or 2017
  • Tarzan041Tarzan041 Posts: 179 ★★
    I got 28 kills one time with IMIF as a mini boss, when he was new to the game.
  • GluteusMaximusGluteusMaximus Posts: 1,442 ★★★
    3 kills is the same as 300 kills score-wise. the 20+ kills i got from a 5/50 hyperion boss in 2017 meant much more than the 10+ with a 6r2 thing boss now since once you break 3 you might as well just blow thru that stash of l1 revives and no potions to boss clear, with no further repercussions.
  • Rajrk91342Rajrk91342 Posts: 72
    32 With Ironman IW 4* Duped 88 Signature Node 42
  • A l p h aA l p h a Posts: 524 ★★★

    My highest ever was 39 kills, in a tier 3 season war around 2 months ago,

    Annihilus is now sig 200 and his absolute record is 31 kills but I don't still have that screenshot unfortunately
  • I got 15 in one of my earlier war matches and was so stoked about it. I think I've gotten more in a war since then, but that is the earliest one I remember and is the one that sticks in my mind.
  • WoogieboogieWoogieboogie Posts: 340 ★★
    Pre 12.0 old old old map magik boss 36 kills 4* max. (Yeah that long ago)
  • plpkokplpkok Posts: 152
    Prior to MD nerf/Blade's arrival my r4 5star juggernaut would routinely get 20 to 30
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