Make an offer, which is then donated to Australia



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    Agreed they have done this in the past, years ago where you got to pick a class of 5* ,maybe they can do a nexus or pick a class of 6*.
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    I still think that if Kabam put out anything in relation to the whole situation over here in Australia, it would just be an in-game mail thing with a small overview of the whole thing and maybe a link to the site of a charity group that is helping people in need in this situation... just something small to remind people that hey, Kabam are a group of people just like us.
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    Ooh boo Kabam made a charity offer for fighting against aids, they are truly a horrible company, right @UmbertoDelRio ?
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    I have mixed feelings on this

    On one hand I agree with @UmbertoDelRio
    but at the same time, humans are a**holes and rarely do anything if there isn’t something in it for them. If an offer like this could inadvertently get people to donate if they wouldn’t have otherwise then I guess it’s acceptable

    But seriously people, if you want to donate, go out and donate to help people, not because you expect to get something out of it
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    Hey guys, thanks for the suggestion to create an in-game Offer to help raise funds for this disastrous event!

    We're always looking at possible ways to improve The Contest and keep it interesting by introducing new Offers which we feel will appeal to the majority of players.

    Unfortunately, I can't confirm whether we will or will not release an Offer like what has been suggested here. However, if we introduce any Offers in the future where we're planning to donate some or all of the proceeds to a charity or disaster relief fund, we'll be sure to let you all know via an announcement on the Forums or in-game message.
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