As everyone is asking for rank down ticket they should give it bcz they want to try new heroes and want to play with it . So plz ask for giving some of rank down ticket to everyone.


  • no thnx
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    Not everyone is asking for them
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    no thanks
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    Give it a rest
  • I'm not going to assume that kabam won't change their mind... Especially since they've done it before with other things.

    Beyond that, the arguments against them are kinda ridiculous tbh.. They also assume a lot of rank downs per player and nobody has asked for that in particular.
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    I do not mind op is asking what he wants but op, please do not assume that EVERYONE is asking for it.
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    Really need a disagree button for threads like this.
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    As everyone is asking for rank down ticket they should give it bcz they want to try new heroes and want to play with it . So plz ask for giving some of rank down ticket to everyone.

    No - go and collect the resource to rank up new champs rather than butcher the ones you have
  • I'm not trying to start a fight here- but seriously just wondering what the hate towards rtd's are? Is it purely because players can take bad champs and replace them with good ones- Thus You don't want the opposition to gain strength, pi etc? I don't get it.

    From where I see it a single rdt for $ purchase (or something like that) would be totally fine for everyone.

    I've heard people ranked up their 5* antman or colossus purely for thorns. I didn't do this, but I really feel for the people who did it & I think they'd deserve an rdt.

    I think the people ranked up 5s way before the extended 5* roster was announced (or was even implied) deserve a chance to rank down too. But that's just me.
  • @Josh2712 I am heavily against RDT, so I feel we could have a decent conversation.

    I am not against RDT for the sake of one person getting better. I am against RDT for the idea of EVERYONE getting better and being able to redo their champs at will. Specifically, how it affects AQ scores and cutoffs with prestige. Guys who have had low 5k prestige, will now sky rocket if they have the right champs to rank up. People can pick and choose who to rank for prestige, resulting in crazy prestige. and if for $$$, creates another divide between the Beluga's and, for lack of a better term, the 'middle class' of the game. Someone like me who has been playing catch up and the long game just got my individual prestige close to t4cc alliance range. If everyone is allowed RDT, this cutoff jumps and top alliances will purposely all have the same roster, purely for prestige. I like the route Kabam is going, where you'll get champ specific if they nerf someone. but we'll see how that plays out.
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    I'm not a fan of rank down tickets in general. I can see the need for champ specific ones if they do a nerf on a specific champ that hurts a lot of people who have that champ. I'd prefer though that they refrain from making changes in the future that lead to players feeling like the resources they used were now wasted.

    The whole mastery issue thing with the RDT with the war nodes changes has a point, but it would be better to simply offer a free mastery week, like they have in the past for summoner appreciation the last time, so players can reset their masteries. I think that could accomplish the same without the need for sending out RDT.

    Believe me, I would not mind getting a few RDT to rank up the better champs I received after I had already ranked up others. However, overall I don't think it is beneficial for the game to issues those in situations beyond specific major champ changes.
  • Wait for 24.0. They will nerf Hype, GP, DV, GR, AA, Iceman, Dorm, Magik, SL, SW, Hulk, Sparky and Wolvy and you'll get TWICE the rank down tickets as you got in 12.0. And all that other free stuff as well.
    Make sure you get to 1000k rating by then, otherwise you'll miss out on that sweet juicy 6* awakening gem.
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    Lmao, I love it that he has added a tag of seatin.
  • It is not the general consensus of the community that RDT are not needed, please do not presume to speak for everyone and shout to have people silenced, quit going to the forum if you can't handle a discussion or are bored of the same topics.

    If you come to the forum be well aware you are considered a niche player by Kabam as most players are not going to be bothered to go to the forum and post topics.

    Also, with the number of threads and complaints about no more RDT that's not a niche, but a sizeable portion of the player base that made a bad decision or were greatly effected by nerfs or changes in the game making their ranked champs less viable.

    IF you are happy with your choices, fine you probably don't want RDT so others can't catch up to you, otherwise you probably would like a chance to fix your team based on decisions Kabam made to alter the game.

  • Lmao, I love it that he has added a tag of seatin.

    And DorkLessons. And a failed attempt to tag Brian Grant. 'gran,y'
  • I think this round of cries for rank down tickets could be valid with the changes to AW. Some people ranked up champs to either place on certain nodes or deal with certain nodes which now might be useless, i personally did but said champs are still useful to me but others might not be so lucky. I don't get why they're so instant on not bringing them back though, it's another way they could milk money or units out of us
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    I only want one rank down ticket. So I can take my top champ down to 5/48 so she's not my profile picture in the game. New alliance members think I'm a girl now. I can't handle this identity crisis.
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    Samuel030s wrote: »
    These threads are getting annoying. Kabam has stated multiple times that Rank Down Tickets were a one time thing due to drastic changes to the Contest, so stop asking for them.

    War is pathetic!

    I fought 2 Hyperion with the easiest AI I've seen in MONTHS spam happy on L1 and L2

    Spider-Man actually patiently waited to get to L2

    And the nodes aside from the ones that cause damage or are mini/boss tier are jokes!

    There is no point to having any more than 15 overlapping defense champions in your alliance anymore and diversity seems to be the main win now (my alliance actually discovered we only won because someone FORGOT to place so all 6 groups 100% and relatively similar diversity means the lack of defenders to kill cost the enemy points)
  • Some interesting points @Primmer79 :)

    I think maybe there was slight misunderstanding tho, as I agree many rdt's per player would be terrible! Players basically resetting their whole roster would be bad for the Game, no doubt.

    But a one off single rdt- available only for purchase? It won't be a game changer.
    Again, I agree that only $ purchase is maybe catering to the whales too much. So make it for units. Then if you've saved enough, wonderful. If you havn't got units but have $ u wanna spend, also wonderful. Even make it a 'use within 30 days' deal like the last one.

    I think also if it's only one rdt prestige won't be too much of an issue. If someone wants to rank down their antman, then waste the supplies they got on a phoenix, good luck to them. (I'm mainly thinking 5* here where resources are so rare that ranking to a r4 purely for prestige seems like a big old waste of a potentially great usable player)

    I agree with @Idontinkso in that it seems players stuck with champs they don't want (there's some very legitimate reasons for this imo) are keen on rdts. Players with champs they're happy with are mostly not keen on rdts. Which is unfortunate.

    For me I'd just ask everyone against rdts to consider what they'd want if they ranked someone up for a specific purpose, then that purpose was taken away from them.

    (Full disclosure: I ranked up a og black panther way back before the extended 5* roster was even thought about. I don't like that I'm stuck with a character with such limited utility. But what actually made me want to speak up is the people affected by the Aw changes).
  • Hey everyone! As has been stated previously in this thread, Rank Down Tickets are for when a change to a Champion is so drastic that they no longer perform in the way that they had done previously.

    Our friend Kabam Miike has addressed this in a comment here.

    As this issue has been addressed many times before, this particular thread will be closed.
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