New upgrade arrow

Sorry, but I hate it. The old button was much easier to see - now I can hardly tell who needs upgrading and who is lacking resources. Can we go back to the old ones?


  • Jungle92Jungle92 Posts: 114 ★★
    Actually the idea of the icon that shows how "close" you are to rank up a champion is a good idea. What they should do is implement a second color, maybe yellow when it's not full and once you have every resource needed it turns blue.
    What do you think kabam? @Kabam Miike @Kabam Porthos
  • PhantomStarrPhantomStarr Posts: 54
    wow... I couldn't even tell that was the intention.
  • ScrootyMcTootyScrootyMcTooty Posts: 2
    Or think about adding some filters that are actually useful/filter out champs who can be levelled.
  • Lpcutts0Lpcutts0 Posts: 13
    In my personal opinion, I don’t think it’s that bad as y’all are making it out to be. I think it’s good to see how close they are to ranking up, to appease those frustrated by the change or confused by it, just make it bright red when they have 100% of the resources!
  • TechnoStrainTechnoStrain Posts: 138
    Having a second color to indicate that you still don't have the necessary resources would be a good idea. As of right now, I have to go to every single champ and click on them to see who's ready to be ranked up.
  • Thank you for the feedback on this!
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