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rate my new 5 star!

I don't really know if Elsa Bloodstone is good or not so those people who do know feel free to vote and comment.

rate my new 5 star! 16 votes

Apollo107Fat123 2 votes
DonnymeijMoosetiptronicMysterioBatman1903Lucasjones_98FreeToPlay_21Massapealdeepblack12ChubsWhitePricelessGiodood_1Rerun_9lowlevelplayerLucifer1810 14 votes


  • jonzerjonzer Posts: 161
    yea sorry just comment I accidentally hit the enter key and it posted
  • Just given ya a hard time haha. I don't have any personal experience with her but I have an alliance member who absolutley loves using her
  • jonzerjonzer Posts: 161
    ok thanks!
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 5,363 ★★★★★
    She's supposed to be pretty good. Great counter for stun-immune opponents, and should be able to do solid damage. Amazing against big Science champs if you ever get her Awakened.

    Even if you don't run suicides, she'll be brilliant against champs and nodes that make you bleed even if they don't hit you.
    - Biohazard nodes
    - Morningstar
    - Clare Voyant
    - Yondu
    Not to mention all the opponents who can inflict bleed if they do hit you.

    She's definitely a decent pull.
  • Alfa_PigeonAlfa_Pigeon Posts: 273 ★★
    edited March 2020
    Pulled her last month, arena fodder at rank 2. Still waiting for a Nick Fury, Aegon, or Blade. Not wasting resources on her. I rate her 6 or 7 at best.
  • Apollo107Apollo107 Posts: 104
    I love her
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,596 ★★★★★
    7, she’s great, good damage and that evade parry is nice, she just doesn’t have enough to justify higher imo
  • IRQIRQ Posts: 305 ★★
    Not really sure how good she is, got her from feat crystal some time back, ranked up to 2 and use in arenas so far with decent results but that can be said about things like IP as well, I did however notice one thing: she's one of the few, if not the only skill class champions I actually had fun playing.
  • SlashingSunsetSlashingSunset Posts: 244 ★★
    Okay...what's the point of voting if it's just 9 and 10. That's barely a difference
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