Cavalier Crystals

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I have now bought 10 cavalier daily's I have recieved 9-3* champs 1-4* champ.
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    Where’s that picture of Deadpool ... can’t find the image ... the you’ve been kaaabaaa
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    I bought selectively and got Aеgon 5 *, but nothing more.
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    Buying a crystal that has a pool of 3 through 6*s is always a gamble, and the house wins 99% of the time. Spending money, or units, doesn't guarantee you'll get what you're looking for. RNG!!!
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    2 5*’s two days in a row, first Sym supreme then Corvus yesterday. I’ll post what I get today as well. Still far from trash IMO
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    Not the best pulls. But two 6 from cav I can’t complain
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    Can you remove useless 3* for cavalier players in the cavalier crystal? Makes no sense whenI paid for a Cavalier crystal and get a 3*. Damn you greedy and **** people at Kabam. Always screwing your supporters.
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    I completely agree about removing 3* from the cav crystal, but not the rest of the statement.
  • CyporgCyporg Posts: 231
    That's a joke right? We don't mean keep a 40% chance of pulling nothing, but make that 40% 3* chance part of the 4* chance, and have the crystal only award 4, 5 and 6*. 3* at a cav level is just trolling.
  • CyporgCyporg Posts: 231
    Yes, the flow of 5* shards, and ISO, should be increased for cav level players.
  • QuittersblowQuittersblow Posts: 50
    They should have stuck with the nexus Crystal's IMO
  • CyporgCyporg Posts: 231
    I just pulled 5* Fury from a daily skill cav crystal. They work, just have to pray to RNGesus.
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    Those cav crystals kinda crushed me lol. Ive never gotten a 5 star from a regular cav Crystal, the 200 unit ones. Ive bought well over 50, probably closer to 100. Gotten a few 4 stars but mostly just 3s. Ive bought the cav class daily deal just about everyday the last few weeks and havent hit there yet either. I think im just on the very low end of the drop rates, i watched katie candys video today where she bought 10 of them and she got two 5 stars in the first couple crystals and i had to shut the video off lol ive grinded out 4k units since the last time i tried and was thinking to buy a stack of 20 because i have a few champs im targeting for rank up gems i have and awakening gems i have, namely ghost and warlok for my tech 4-5 gem and an aegon for my skill AG but idk if its the right move, i bought myself a stack of 30 crystals the night i became cavalier and got four 4 stars and 26 3 stars so im not sure if ill get anything from 20, ive gotten better mileage out of the 3 tier unit deals they offer sometimes for 1k, 4k and 10k units because i usually get to r5/r2 a champ when i use my units for those. Dont get me wrong ive gotten plenty lucky with pulls from my 5 star basic and featured shard crystals ive opened just never from the cav crystals, oh well
  • QuittersblowQuittersblow Posts: 50

  • QuittersblowQuittersblow Posts: 50
    Today's cavalier pull lol
  • QuittersblowQuittersblow Posts: 50
    Also pulled some other 3 star from a grandmaster crystal today after waiting 2 months to pull a 6* venompool. THROW ME A FRIGGIN BONE HERE!!!
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    Off topic tho any news when to explain removal of 3* from alliance feed
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    I wish the drop rates for six stars was increased. Or that we got a new title and new crystal for completing act 6. Six stars are becoming so much more relevant and you need a bunch to explore 6.2 and it’s really hard to pull good ones from the basic six stars. My last four were Karnark, Beast, Psylocke, and Nightcrawler. It takes a long time to get one and it’ll help to get more six stars from cavs.
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    So only comment from kabam is about merging conversations
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    We will really appreciate if you guys remove 3* champs from cavlier crystal they are really useless for end game players
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    Lohan33 said:

    Umm so don't buy them?
    You could have donated that money for Coronavirus aid

    I'd rather just burn it
    You actual horrible person! 1st of all, burning money is disastrous for the environment, 2nd of all, what kind of a person is against donating to help a good cause, and thirdly, WHY????
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    Well this went dark fast.
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    Best bet would have been to save all 10 and auto-open them at the same time. I’m 99% sure that you would have received at least one 5*, probably 2-3 of them.
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