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April 2020 Legends Runs



  • KabeershahidKabeershahid Posts: 18
    5257+17%6150 thay show 5785
  • KabeershahidKabeershahid Posts: 18
    same if we use mutant crit team and atack thay not gave more atack .
  • GamerGamer Posts: 8,696 ★★★★★
    Don’t se anything wrong the it wil not stakes
  • KabeershahidKabeershahid Posts: 18

    this team have 27% atack . if we calculate 5257+27% ( 6676 ) atack , but thay give only 6096

  • KabeershahidKabeershahid Posts: 18
    there is bug ? can any one explain me ( Kabam Mike ) plz explain me this , atack method .
  • there is bug ? can any one explain me ( Kabam Mike ) plz explain me this , atack method .

    The additional attack is based on base attack, not the extra attack from masteries. If you do the math, a r3 corvus has a base attack of 3111, if you multiply this by 1.27, it is 3950. This is 839 more attack rating, which just happens to be the difference between the attack ratings before and after the synergies.
  • ZimflamZimflam Posts: 9
    got 3:04, used corvus, proxima, dr strange, antman and yellowjacket, idk if it will be enough but i feel good about my first legends run
  • Hunter_JabaliHunter_Jabali Posts: 15
    edited April 2020
    I've done at 3:05:40 and so nervous and worrying about will I get this legend or no! It's my first legends run and hope to get it!
  • UncleRayRayUncleRayRay Posts: 15
    3:07:17... Hope I will get it and you too as well :cold_sweat:
  • Jmille85Jmille85 Posts: 92
    edited April 2020
    Mine was 3:09:35... I don’t feel very confident....
  • bigking33bigking33 Posts: 24
    What teams y’all use ?
  • Hunter_JabaliHunter_Jabali Posts: 15
    edited April 2020
    Brack1984 said:

    Zimflam said:

    Just finished my first legends run, got 3:04:11, feeling pretty good about my time, does anyone know if that's a legend title?

    also, I would really like to know what times some of you have gotten?

    Hey man! I got it in March with 3:03.27 with a pretty comfortable spot. I honestly feel like this months EQ is longer than last month, so I think you’re in a good spot. Best of luck!

    I got 3:05:40 not feeling very good but that sinister... how do you think it will be enough?
  • ZimflamZimflam Posts: 9
    bigking33 said:

    What teams y’all use ?

    i used corvus, proxima, dr strange, antman and yellowjacket, used antman for the ebony maw in the fourth quest
  • my time was 2:59:35 my team 6 star Corvus R2 4 star Corvus 5 star Proxima 4 Star Proxima 4 Star DR Strange
  • It seem like this month is a little harder, most people finished b/w 3:05 - 3:10. Mine was 2:50:50. Team 5/65 Corvus, proxima, dr. Strange, Mordo, AA.
  • Jmille85Jmille85 Posts: 92
    Mine was 3:09.. not feeling super confident but still hopeful.
  • DopetokerDopetoker Posts: 12
    finished at about 3:09, Messed up few times, few internet interruptions, had to restart game once cause screen went black. Second time trying. Hope it's the last
  • DopetokerDopetoker Posts: 12
    i did about 3:09 too, Not feeling confident but still hopeful. Maybe that Sinister will help me out
  • I put in 3:02 and I’m hoping this cuts it.
    Last months was 3:05 (which I didn’t attempt) and I was told this months was slightly longer so that sounds good.
  • I am planning mine right now, thinking about this team:

    I am still having trouble finding a good solution for Sorcerer Supreme, who did you guys use?
    Right now I am considering Nebula with Proxi syn but have to test that tomorrow...

    I was about to drop in OR and Saber just for SySu, Sinister and Sorcerer Supreme
  • Sorry meant that team:

    Could also make neb r2 for the run when this works, what do you guys think?
  • Everyone did it with full suicide masteries... My time is 3:04 without suicides using a R5 Corvus and tapping on the screen nonstop
  • Vampïre15Vampïre15 Posts: 5
    just finished 2:57:58 hope thats quick enough
    Hoping 3:04:41 is good enough... man I feel like I’m right on the line lol. This event had 2,640 energy. I dropped this time before... but that was only 2,390 lol so hoping this makes a huge difference... master was Corvus r2 6 and heroic was ghost r5 5.
    I used my r5 gully 2099 for sinister.... guaranteed no critical hits lol
  • A smidge over 3 hours here. 6* r2 Corvus and 5* r5 Archangel for all the fights, then Proxima / BWCV / Ghost Rider on the side

  • Anyone think 6 star rank 2 Cull with all the synergy will work out for a legend run, and when is the cut off date
  • TattedmuscleTattedmuscle Posts: 14
    Did mine with 5/65 ghost antman yj wasp and ultron last Saturday clocked in at 2:56.09. Feeling confident seeing so many times over 3 hours.
  • TattedmuscleTattedmuscle Posts: 14
    First ever attempt
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