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[Android] Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



  • xMadNBadxxMadNBadx Posts: 1
    edited April 2020
    Ingame Name: xMadNBadx
    Device: Samsung Galaxy A70
    OS : Android 10.0 One UI 2.0
    Cellular or WiFI: Either
    Game version: EDIT: 26.1.0 / 999685
    Game mode: on most fights (especially those lasting longer than 30 seconds) the game shows the red "connection problem"-icon. As soon as one of the champions gets K.O.'ed the victory animation of the respective champion starts but afterwards the game does not advance go show rewards/stats. Instead the game disconnects and gives the option to reconnect.
    For me, personally, the problems started after the upgrade to Android 10.
  • Vdwd14Vdwd14 Posts: 6
    In-Game Name: vdwd14
    Device and Model: Samsung A70
    Device Operating System: Android 10
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game Version Installed: 26.1.0
    Game Mode: All
    The game disconnects after completing a fight (the red connection issue pops up) and eventually will give an error message that it's no longer connected to the internet - other apps still run fine at that time. When logging back in, the fight data is lost, or more likely was never sent correctly to the server.
    Also, if the phone goes in standby mode (both by pressing the screen-button, or if the screen goes black after 30 seconds), the connection is lost as well.

    Both issues started occurring since I've updated my phone to Android 10.
  • chrisp3011chrisp3011 Posts: 7
    Chrisp3011 is my username still problem with Samsung galaxy a70
  • Sko192006Sko192006 Posts: 4
    @Kabam Miike any headway on fixing the A70 issue? This is a really **** time for this to happen. Is there any more information that you need that could help?
  • Vendetta1234Vendetta1234 Posts: 59
    From what I see by scrolling around, @Losisbhe was the 1st one to report the issue, on 31st March(maybe someone before, might ve missed it)..nothing happened since..dont want to be an a** but it looks like we ll have to change phone or quit the game.
    Its obviously update, based on phone model, updates are coming in month, quartal, i believe all(in pic) of this models will be affected..i really hope there will be solution soon
  • Vendetta1234Vendetta1234 Posts: 59
    If someone can post this picture in forum, or create discussion for people not to update their phones on list, might help someone. I m jailed, i cant
  • FF10FF10 Posts: 214 ★★
    @Vendetta1234 Mate the issue is with the app and not the update or the device. For some reason it fails to sent fight data back to the Kabam servers which results in a connection loss. Its not like the game is not running at all.
  • FF10FF10 Posts: 214 ★★

    Response from Samsung
  • Vendetta1234Vendetta1234 Posts: 59
    @FF10 you cant say app is problem, app is the same as 2 days ago, update is problem, something from update is blocking data. And of course Samsung will write its not their issue, but it is, for sure, @SummonerNR wrote message of issues with update. At the end, doesnt matter, something is not compatible, hopefully guys will find it and fix it
  • FF10FF10 Posts: 214 ★★
    If the update was the problem then almost all games should be having the same issue @Vendetta1234 I play 5-6 games excluding mcoc in my device and all are working fine.
  • Vendetta1234Vendetta1234 Posts: 59
    Not necessary @FF10 , might be 1 line in code in programming language, who knows. If they use different language that language is translated and error might happen, again, who knows, but you cant say app is the problem for sure, i m not running away from that option but we cant be 100% sure
  • FF10FF10 Posts: 214 ★★
    Hm yes @Vendetta12345 Frustrating time for sure for us A70 users
  • WalknutWalknut Posts: 8
    Guys i think i found a resolve for A70 owners. Follow this steps
    Settings>general management>Reset>Reset settings
    You do not necessary to backup your files this just reset your phone settings.
  • FF10FF10 Posts: 214 ★★
    @Walknut It worked for you ?
  • FF10FF10 Posts: 214 ★★
    Still doesn't work mate

  • Vendetta1234Vendetta1234 Posts: 59
    Not working @Walknut , but i changed protection on my wifi, from wpa2 to wpa + wpa2, for now is working for me, had 3 fights without interruption..at least that we can play on wifi..i m keeping updated
  • Vendetta1234Vendetta1234 Posts: 59
    Its working!! @FF10 can u try this to confirm?
    Managed to grind 500k and 3 fights in AQ without interruption, there was red icon 2 times but it shrugged it
  • WalknutWalknut Posts: 8
    Sorry guys it worked for me. Hope this will be fixed soon.
  • FF10FF10 Posts: 214 ★★
    Guys try an abyss fight or something long. @Walknut @Vendetta1234
  • ABPradhanABPradhan Posts: 14
    Ingame Name: Captain_AB
    Device: Samsung Galaxy A9
    OS : Android 10.0 One UI 2.0
    Cellular or WiFI: Either
    Game version: 26.1.0

    It's keep happening every long fight.
    I have to either fight again or I lose half of my champion's HP. It's annoying especially in AQ.
  • Vendetta1234Vendetta1234 Posts: 59
    Did a fight in act 6, red icon was there after 30secs but it shrugged it at the end, didnt lose connection, annoying but works for now..at least i can grind
  • aleyianaleyian Posts: 8
    nope, the problem is still there. it has been already four to five days :( . dear kabam lords, hope you guys are working to find the resolution.
  • FF10FF10 Posts: 214 ★★
    I tried abyss. It throws me out midfight same applies to ROL. Act 6 works well occasionally but still red icon pops up here and then. We need a fix coz this wont do. Its a frustrating experience at the moment.
  • ThehereticTheheretic Posts: 110
    In-Game Name: Bearsgame.
    Device and Model: LG Power
    Device Operating System: 6.0.1
    Cellular or WiFi: Wifi
    Game Version Installed: 26.1.0
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena
    Description of the Issue: Simple crash in multiple occasions, Usually a the start of a fight or while moving between fights.
  • HerizonHazeHerizonHaze Posts: 33
    What are you guys doing.... fix the Problem!!

    Incursions are live for 2 days now and we cant play it
  • Pro21Pro21 Posts: 25
    @Vendetta1234 How do you change network protection from wpa 2 ???
  • Vendetta1234Vendetta1234 Posts: 59
    Pro21 said:

    @Vendetta1234 How do you change network protection from wpa 2 ???

    @Pro21 go to your router settings, type in your ip adress in browser. There is username and password on the back of your router, if you didnt change it. Go to Your WiFi and you will find it under Protection
  • RmitevvRmitevv Posts: 2
    edited April 2020
    Hello, i have same connection problem. The game kicking me during the fights an when i reconnect my opponent is on full halt while i amd died or on half of hp with which i have started the fight. I have this problem since monday.
    My user name in the game is rmitevv (two times V not with W)

    My device is
    Samsung A70 with android 10 and i think this problem has started after last android update which i have recieved and executed on monday.

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